The unique and interesting design of the Ski Sled allowed for edged turns similar to those made in real skiing, and came with a hand brake for increased safety. This was one of the only products designed for adult riders, offering fun and excitement for the entire family.

Ski Sled
Safe Outdoor Fun



Safe, Healthy, Outdoor Fun For... defined the Radio Flyer brochures (pictured left). Each seems to capture the style and feeling of the era while still being safe, healthy, outdoor fun for... everyone!

Fireball 2001

Big Mag Slicks with speed ball bearings, dragster body design, safety roll bars, and mod colors define the Fireball 2001. This wagon marks Radio Flyer's continuing ability to create new designs for new times — always classic quality, always modern innovation.

Another sleek, and radical, design shift for Radio Flyer, the Motocross bike (pictured right) combined a unique body structure with safety features such as spoke less wheels, hand grips, and a wider wheel base for added stability.



Motocross Trike