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Durable Products

Radio Flyer has been around since 1917. Many of our wagons and tricycles have been around for decades, too. That's because we build sturdy products to last generations. All of our sustainability initiatives rest on our commitment to durability. Learn more about our warranty.

Replacement Parts

Through our replacement parts program, we help people extend the life of well-loved Radio Flyer products. We provide advice and replacement parts for those who want to refurbish wagons to pass down to the next generation and for people who just need to replace a wheel that may have been damaged through heavy use. If we no longer make the exact wheel or axle needed, we work with the customer to see if they can use a part from a similar product. Every year, we ship tens of thousands of replacement parts from our Chicago headquarters. Many of these are to restore products outside of their warranty period.


Profile: JEAN ROSENZWEIG, Sr. Director of Sales operations

Stacey Brooks, Senior Customer Services Rep


“We strive to provide FUNomenalTM service as our team has an expert level of knowledge about parts and products. Our customers appreciate when we help them get old models up and rolling again so that the next generation can enjoy them as well. In fact, the Customer Service team recalls helping someone to restore a Streak-O-Lite Wagon – manufactured back in the 1930s! Our consumers are proud of their restoration work and often share before and after photos in 'Little Red Stories' on our website.”



A Customer Perspective

Restored Wagon"Dear Radio Flyer,

Wanted to pass along the attached picture of the completed wagon restoration. I originally purchased this wagon about 20 years ago for my children and will now look forward to taking my grandson for rides in it when he comes to visit.  

Although the restoration project took longer than I expected, I’m very pleased with the end result.  I would be remiss if I didn’t send you a picture of the finished product as you were remarkably helpful every step along the way! Really appreciate the fact, despite my numerous questions, you always made me feel like you were more than willing to help out. At times, I felt we were working on it together.  

In closing, I want you to know you have been a great ambassador for Radio Flyer. They are truly fortunate to have you representing the company. I can honestly say the service you provided me during this project was some of the best I have ever received.

Thanks again,


"Thank you for your expertise advice as we worked on this project...we know our son will be amazed that his Radio Flyer Town and Country has a new life and will be utilized and appreciated by him as he and his wife give their 5 month old daughter rides in this wagon in the weeks ahead."

— Iowa Consumer

Restored Wagon