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Environmental Performance

At Radio Flyer, we love the outdoors and want to preserve the environment for future generations of trike pedallers and wagoneers.


Prompted by our concern about climate change, we track our energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and have set a three percent absolute reduction goal to motivate us to reduce emissions at every step in our business. This will be particularly challenging as we have aggressive sales goals. We reduced our carbon emissions per sales dollar by 8% in 2017 compared to 2016. We will strive to improve on this trend to hit our absolute carbon reduction goal.


ProducT Sustainability

Our carbon footprint includes our energy use at our facilities, Radio Flyer-controlled logistics, employee travel, and manufacturing of our products. With 97 percent of our emissions created during the production of our products, our most powerful opportunities for achieving reductions come from our material choices and product design. In 2018 we developed a sustainability review process to evaluate our products environmental impact during their design phase.  We include greenhouse gas emissions as one of the criteria for evaluating our products. Analyzing GHG emissions during product design allows our engineers to make design improvements and material selections that reduce emissions across all of our product categories. Additionally, this will allow us to continue making progress towards our goal for our products to have an average carbon intensity of 4.3kg CO2e or less.

Product Improvements through sustainable design

Radio Flyer’s engineers have been successfully letting their imaginations take flight. By joining their passion for innovative design with their concerns for the environment, they have been creating exciting new products that will both delight children and protect our environment. Our strong environmental goals ensure that our teams explore new materials and designs to improve the sustainability of our offerings every year. We highlight a few achievements here:

Our Big Flyer Sport, starting production in June 2015, features a number of sustainability improvements:

PVC-free. Removed PVC tread from front wheel tires - which helps our aspiration to completely remove PVC from our product line.
19% lighter. We designed it more efficiently to make it 2.2 pounds lighter.
Reduced emissions. The lighter weight and manufacturing location (manufactured in Illinois) closer to our customers decreased the emissions associated with product transport.
Built to Last. We’ve made these changes without sacrificing product durability so customers can pass the toy on to future generations.

The 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon® replaces plastic in the wagon body and integrates fabric to reduce the product weight by over 7 pounds yielding a 24% decrease in product-related GHG emissions. Not only is the wagon easy for parents to fold and handle, the smaller size and lighter weight also reduce the emissions from product transport.


Radio Flyer’s Tesla Model S for Kids provided an opportunity to partner with an aspirational brand leading the electric car future while also solving consumers’ number one frustration with battery-operated ride-ons – the battery. Talking with hundreds of consumers, we heard that lead acid batteries are heavy, take a long time to charge, need to be recharged frequently, and lose capacity and need to be replaced after a few years. The Lithium-ion battery in our Teslas, as in the version for adults, solves these issues.  

Employing a lithium-ion battery pack consisting of individual cells, the Tesla battery can be recharged many more times than a lead acid battery (500% more!); the longer life means fewer replacement batteries are needed. The Tesla battery also charges much faster than a traditional lead-acid battery and maintains its charge for a much longer time. To reduce the energy input required, we designed our battery to travel more miles as well as provide more minutes of play time per charge. A time-out feature helps batteries last longer by automatically turning off the headlights and dashboard electronics if they are left on more than ten minutes without driving.





The Tesla partnership is bringing additional sustainability benefits. We are able to teach kids about the benefits of electric cars and demonstrate the behaviors they will likely encounter as more of the world’s cars go electric. For example, we have a port on the car that the child can plug into to charge the battery - just like the cars they may be driving in 10 years. 



Radio Flyer has committed to do our part to keep climate change well below 2 degrees Celsius. Radio Flyer commits to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions 33% by 2030 from a 21017 base year. Radio Flyer also commits to reduce scope 3 GHG emissions 28% per ton of product sold by 2030 from a 2017 base year. We will communicate our annual progress here. Learn more about Science Based Targets.



Radio Flyer is a member of RE100, the global corporate renewable energy initative uniting hundreds of businesses committed to using 100% renewable energy. Our target is to achieve 100% renewable electricity across global operations by 2020. This will reduce our CO2 emissions by over 850 metric tons each year. Learn more about RE100.


Clean Production Action: The Chemical footprint project

Radio Flyer has joined the Clean Production Action's Chemical Footprint Project every year since 2016. This drives us to better manage the chemicals used in the manufacturing of our products. Learn more about the Chemical Footprint Project.


Supporting our retail partners sustainability efforts

Radio Flyer products are sold at retail stores and online throughout the United States, Canada and in many other countries. The major retailers we partner with are calling for a collaborative approach to meeting the goals they have set addressing product and supply chain sustainability, and we are happy to work with them to improve our mutual sustainability performance. For example, Walmart invites us each year to benchmark our performance through the Sustainability Index, a survey covering best practices relevant to our category. Radio Flyer develops an annual work plan to identify improvements in the Index’s Key Performance Indicators and is strongly committed to boosting the sustainability of our products to meet our own goals and those of our retail partners. We also report to Walmart’s Project Gigaton, an initiative to avoid one billion metric tons (a gigaton) of greenhouse gases from the global value chain by 2030. We are recognized for our GHG emissions reduction goals and progress on here. By partnering closely with Walmart on their Project Gigaton initiative, Radio Flyer has been named a GIGA-GURU. This award has been given to 428 suppliers that make improvements that reduce energy consumption or make other improvements to its sustainability impact. 

Radio Flyer Recycles, You should too! 

You can help protect our planet by recycling all packaging that your new toy comes in. All corrugate boxes and plastic bags containing accessory parts are recyclable at local recycling centers. When you are done using a product you can prevent it from ending up in a landfill by donating it to an organization that can help find a home for it. Another alternative is disassembling used products with simple household tools in to similar materials such as plastic, metal, fabric, and wood, and recycling them at a local recycling center. For products that are not able to be separated in to a single material, visit www.earth911.com, enter your zip code, and contact your local recycling centers for further guidance on how to recycle these parts. For products containing batteries, visit www.earth911.com, enter the type of battery and your zip code to find the nearest recycling center that can accept your used batteries.



As a SmartWay Transport Partner, Radio Flyer works with freight carriers that follow fuel-efficient best practices. This Environmental Protection Agency program helps companies reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution created by their freight providers. 

Radio Flyer has also committed to carbon neutral shipping for all products sold on radioflyer.com. Every time a purchase is made on our website, Radio Flyer will offset 100% of carbon emissions from shipping through a verified emission reduction project. Learn more about carbon neutral shipping.



Radio Flyer is known for its commitment to long-lasting kids’ products that inspire creativity and fun. That same spirit infused our renovation of 70,000 square feet of former manufacturing and warehousing space at our headquarters in Chicago. With a history of helping consumers make decades-old trikes and wagons look and work like new, refurbishment was a natural fit for us. Our re-purposing of the warehouse space and other green design solutions such as geothermal energy, a bioswale network, cisterns for storm water retention, fertilizer-free irrigation, and landscaping with native prairie plants helped the project earn Platinum Certification for its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

In 2020, we completed the installation of solar panels on the roof of our Chicago headquarters. These panels generate over 60% of the electricity needed to run our office. Additionally, our geothermal hearing system has reduced our natural gas consumption by 300k therms since 2012.

A 30-foot glass façade provides natural light and a view of the backyard, created after some of the manufacturing buildings were removed. It offers an inviting landscape with native plants, walking paths, a vegetable garden and a picnic space which the company enjoys during the summer. The renovation focused on employee health and productivity with exercise and wellness rooms and sit/stand desks in the communal work area – even for our Chief Wagon Officer.

The design features lend a playful energy to the space with bright murals of imaginative play and a parade of old wagons overhead.  A heritage wall greets visitors with a display of 100 years of the brand’s legacy of innovation. The open-plan café offers Flyers a place to meet informally and to gather on Tuesdays for company lunches.

“For the first time in decades, I’m not in a private office but out on the floor with everyone else,” says CWO Robert Pasin. “I love the new space and its focus on collaboration and fun. It’s wonderful to take a break and glide about the first floor on my custom scooter.” 



Our Eco Flyers team leads our environmental sustainability efforts, working to minimize the impact that we have on the environment, both at work and home. The team’s goal is to identify opportunities to help each Flyer reduce his or her carbon footprint, to minimize waste and share new ways to educate our team on all things sustainable.

Our new composting initiative brings our headquarters one step closer to becoming a Zero Waste Facility. Composting helps reduce greenhouse gases and teaches Flyers how to live sustainably. The finished compost gives us a rich fertilizer to use in our Little Green Garden. 


The "Little Green Garden" is our on-site garden where employees grow veggies and herbs.

By removing trash cans throughout the office, composting our food scraps, and many other initiatives we now recycle over 97% of the waste produced. 



In 2019, we worked with a key factory partner to better insulate our injection molding machines. This improved the energy efficiency of our manufacturing by preventing heat-loss. This reduces the energy required to make our products by over 80,000 kWHrs per year. 

In 2020, we developed several new products with a factory that is 67% powered by solar panels. This reduces the carbon emissions of these products by over 565 tons of CO2 as compared to manufacturing at a traditionally coal-powered factory.  



We look for ways to preserve the outside for the next generations of wagon riders. That’s why we partnered with The Arbor Day Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps make greener communities by planting trees all across the country in neighborhoods, towns, and forests. Through this partnership, we are donating money to plant a tree in the United States for every product purchased on radioflyer.com. Helping to make our world a better place, we have already planted over 290,000 trees since the program began in 2013.