Our Culture


Say the name Radio Flyer and people launch into their most treasured childhood memories. You probably have a favorite little red wagon story of your own. Radio Flyer is one of the toy industry’s most respected names and one of the world’s most loved children’s brands. Flyers are proud to be a part of a special brand that positively impacts children around the world. Our award winning innovation and meaningful work will leave you wanting to brag about where you work.
Our innovations spark imaginations all over the world…it makes it easy to love what you do at Radio Flyer. You can be a catalyst for success in a world-class company. Through our selection process, we strive to find a match between what a candidate loves to do and what we need them to do, we only hire candidates who are a match so that loving your job is easy. At Radio Flyer, a good idea is much more than just an idea, it’s our opportunity to motivate kids to get out and be active – to exercise, play, and use their imaginations. This is the heart and the power of what we do.
Work at Radio Flyer and without a doubt you know that your contributions and skills are seen, heard and appreciated. Flyers drive our success, we invite people to grow with us… we support personal and professional development through personal development plans, 360° feedback, on and offsite training, and individual coaching. Join Radio Flyer and you will find that you grow with us.
At Radio Flyer we offer people more than a job. We offer a tight-knit community where every job is important and every Flyer has a voice. Mutual respect and appreciation is a Radio Flyer tradition we intend to preserve because it fosters an atmosphere that encourages new and different ideas. When you join Radio Flyer, you join the family!



We PLAY while working hard!
We're proud to maintain a productive and fun environment! Upholding our unique culture requires a dedication to regular feedback and openness to the development process, clear and measurable individual goal setting, and participation in forums where employees discuss new ideas and create future opportunities for our Company. Having fun at Radio Flyer isn't just another perk, it's a job requirement! We believe in celebrating our success and each other.
We CARE about our Flyers!
We make time to celebrate important milestones in each other's lives, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and baby showers, along with company specific events. The result...every individual is appreciated, engaged, and part of a successful team.

Join the family, join the FUN!

If you are a smart, self-motivated, team player, if you display an exceptional work ethic and achieve results, if you welcome the opportunity to crossover between departments and pitch in, and most importantly, if you simply love to bring laughter and smiles to others...we invite you to join our family. Apply Now


Employees have the opportunity to recognize their peers by nominating them for the Little Red Rule Award. The Little Red Rule Award acknowledges individuals who demonstrate and live our values in an exceptional way. Winners are recognized at a company-wide meeting with a personalized award from the Chief Wagon Officer, given an additional paid day off, a gift card, a product to donate to their favorite charity, as well as getting to enjoy a personalized, reserved, premium parking spot.


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Radio Flyer recognizes that individual differences strengthen our organization. We value all backgrounds and welcome the diversity of people, cultures, and ideas.

We are committed to employing a diverse workforce and proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Our applicants receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, or disability.

Radio Flyer is a great place to work for all. Our leaders lead with respect and transparency and support gender equity. We have consistent programs in place to deliver supportive benefits, equal pay, a safe environment, and equal access to opportunities. We promote inclusion and provide a space for all to voice ideas, concerns, and suggestions.

Radio Flyer's commitment to diversity means providing a work environment for employees that is welcoming, respectful, and engaging, with opportunities for all.  Our diverse team works together to bring smiles to kids of all ages and to create warm memories that last a lifetime.

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If there’s one thing I can say about Radio Flyer’s proud heritage, it’s that we have always kept learning and changing. We would not be where we are today if it weren’t for our desire to keep discovering what’s next and our willingness to try new things, learn from our mistakes, and keep helping each other become better at everything we do.

Through Wagon U, we show our commitment to being a learning organization by providing learning opportunities for all Flyers. We leverage our strengths and focus on continuous improvement in order to drive innovation and help us achieve our vision.

- Robert Pasin, CWO


Radio Flyer believes that Flyers growth fuels our growth. We have formal and informal programs that support a learning culture. We are committed to helping you build yourself to advance your personal and professional journeys from good to GREAT.


Wagon U New Flyer Series: This is a key part of our onboarding and assimilation program. We intentionally focus our core courses on connecting new Flyers with our brand, our culture, and we teach courses that provide a deeper understanding of our business. Flyers enjoy an inspiring learning environment and have opportunities to ask questions directly to our senior leadership team, who serve as the primary faculty.

Example of courses: Breakfast with the Chief Wagon Officer and Be a Team Player

Career Development & Training: All Flyers have a yearly personal development goal and all Flyers have the opportunity to drive their own career at Radio Flyer. We have a comprehensive career assessment mapping and development planning program in place. We also provide onsite topic specific training through Wagon U.

Leadership Development: We have a great manager development program and leadership development opportunities for new and experienced leaders. We combine internal classes with external experts to provide meaningful class experiences. In addition, we provide offsite opportunities with best-in-class leadership development programs.

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Happy Flyers are the key to a strong company. Radio Flyer understands that our commitment to a positive work environment extends beyond our office walls. As a result, Radio Flyer offers excellent medical and dental coverage to our Flyers, competitive compensation and other rich benefits.  

Flyers can choose from a HMO, HSA or PPO medical plan, dental, vision and a convenient flexible spending account option for medical or dependent care expenses.


We are proud that we offer multiple benefits that help Flyers to prepare for retirement:

  • 401(k) company-sponsored saving and investment program; company matches 50% up to 6% of employee contributions.
  • Profit sharing is solely funded by discretionary company contributions; employees do not need to contribute in order to receive company contributions.

We offer an Employee Assistance Program that is available 24/7 to all Flyers, all their household members and immediate family members.


Radio Flyer grants vacation annually. Flyers may elect to purchase up to 5 additional days per year through the Vacation Purchase Program. Radio Flyer observes 9 National holidays and grants Flyers 2 additional floating holidays each year.


Radio Flyer believes that Flyers growth fuels our growth. We have formal and informal programs that support a learning culture and we are committed to helping you build yourself.

  • On-Site Training Program
  • 360° Feedback and Coaching Program
  • Personalized Career Development Plans
  • Off-site Leadership Development Programs

Learn more about Wagon U, our organized courses that provide learning opportunities for all flyers. 


Radio Flyer is committed to assisting employees in attaining both their personal and professional goals. Tuition reimbursement allows employees to grow and develop in their careers by providing reimbursement for educational expenses related to the pursuit of higher education.


We have a multifaceted approach to our wellness program which includes onsite health assessments, education and a benefit that covers 50% of participation costs in programs such as weight watchers, marathons, triathlons, intramural sports, etc.


We describe our dress code as business casual, but jeans aren't just for Fridays.


We encourage Flyers to refer strong job candidates. Our referral bonus pays out up to $5,000 for a hired referral.

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With 100 years of bringing smiles to kids of all ages, we help create memories that last a lifetime. We also create warm memories with our Flyers. We have multiple events that focus on getting to know each other better, learning more about our heritage, celebrating our values and having fun. We do this as a tribute to the company's 

heritage and our exciting future. 

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The goal of the Vision Mission and Values Committee is to ensure that the Radio Flyer culture is alive in each Flyer. The VMV Committee organizes events including a lunch welcoming every new Flyer, the Little Red Rule Award that acknowledges a Flyer‘s exceptional performance, and a Heritage Event that celebrates the company’s anniversary.





Radio Flyer supports social responsibility through our Smile Squad. The mission of our Smile Squad is to positively impact and enrich the lives of our team members, our community and children in need. 
We provide our Flyers with numerous opportunities to participate in community service, and partner with several different organizations to donate our products, our time and financial support. We also give our Flyers 2 paid days off to volunteer their time

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At Radio Flyer we bring smiles and warm memories to kids of all ages and we do the same for our employees. From customized wedding wagons to baby blankets for newborns and all of the little things in between, we care about celebrating special events in Flyers’ lives. We strive to make every Flyer feel great by creating warm memories that last a lifetime.


Radio Flyer's Wellness Committee supports and encourages healthy lifestyles by providing Flyers with nutritional guidance and motivation. We support healthy minds and bodies and encourage physical activity. 

Some of the programs we offer onsite include a summer fitness team challenge to promote daily minutes of activity and new ways to exercise, a backyard grill, and opportunities to get out of the office to eat healthy food with fellow Flyers. We also reimburse our Flyers up to $300 per year for wellness related activities!


Our Eco Flyers lead our environmental sustainability efforts. We work to minimize the impact that we have on the environment, both at work and home. Our goal is to identify opportunities to help each Flyer reduce his or her carbon footprint, to minimize waste and share new ways to educate our team on all things sustainable.

Awarded on of Chicago's Coolest Offices by Crain's, our workspace is LEED Platinum Certified and boast plenty of natural light along with other environmentally sustainable features. Our EcoFlyers worked with our Wellness Committee to start a Little Green Garden inour backyard! Learn more abour our company sustainablity efforts here

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