10 Active Indoor Games for Kids

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10 Active Indoor Games for Kids

May 28, 2020
posted by Mindy Schanzle


Need a mid-day break from the summer sun? Looking for fun ways to play on a rainy day? Maybe your family doesn’t have a yard and parks aren’t accessible in your area yet? Even during the warm months of summer, sometimes kids still need to play inside, especially as restrictions continue across the country. Luckily, there are plenty of exciting activities and games that your family can enjoy indoors to stay active, expend energy, and express creativity. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favorites. These active games will help keep your little ones busy and engaged whenever you need to play inside.

  1. This dice exercise game from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff is so simple but so fun! All you need is a die, the printable, and a few family members. Roll the die and complete the corresponding exercise with your roll. You can even make up your own exercises and assign them to different numbers to switch it up. Play some fun music in the background for extra fun!
  2. Put your favorite tunes on and have a classic game of freeze dance. Take turns stopping the music–Freeze!–and while it’s playing, bust out your best dance moves.
  3. Have fun in the dark with these toddler flashlight games by Mom in the Six. From shadow puppets to classics like hide and seek or scavenger hunts, your kids will have newfound excitement with this in-the-dark twist.
  4. Get ready to host your very own Balloon Olympics. Check out all the ways you can turn your favorite sports into balloon games with Entertain Your Toddler. These silly games will keep your little ones engaged while also helping to develop gross motor skills.
  5. Speaking of balloons, Hello, Wonderful has an awesome balloon tennis game that kids will love playing indoors.
  6. The floor is lava! This classic game is beloved both on the playground and indoors. The rules are simple enough – the floor is lava, don’t step on it! Parents can set out some mats and cushions as safety spaces to help kids navigate the room.
  7. Ever wanted to feel like a spy from the movies? This DIY hallway laser tag maze from It’s Always Autumn will do the trick! All you need it some streamers (crepe paper) and tape. Zig-zag the streamers all across the wall to make the course as easy or challenging as you’d like. It’s a different game every time with new mazes!
  8. Ever heard of flaming hula hoops? Don’t worry, they’re not as scary as they sound! Rather, this activity from The Inspired Treehouse is the perfect imagination starter for kids. All it takes is a few hula hoops and some orange streamers (crepe paper) to have your little ones feel like they’re part of the circus.
  9. Little ones will love playing little creatures with these 15 animal walks from Lemon Lime Adventures. These exercises encourage creativity, help develop gross motor skills, and are silly – you and your kids are sure to share some laughs!
  10. Perfect for big and little kids alike, you can never go wrong with building a fort. Imaginations will run wild as kids brainstorm the biggest, coolest fort they can. They’ll be moving while building it and again as they crawl around and enjoy their new favorite space. All you need are some blankets and tents if you have them – you can get creative with what’s around the house to make your fort extra special.

What’s your favorite way to play indoors? Let us know by using #radioflyer, and be sure to check out more ways to play at radioflyer.com/playingathome.