10 Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids

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10 Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids

February 11, 2020
posted by Mindy Schanzle

Valentine’s Day is full of sweet traditions among loved ones, friends, and family. When you have little ones in the house, it can be extra fun to create special Valentine’s Day memories by doing things together. We’ve compiled a list of 10 fun, inexpensive activities and ideas you can do with your little ones this Valentine’s Day to spread the love.

  1. Get crafty with some valentine’s cards. All you need is some colored paper and crayons – other decorations optional. Have your little ones write notes to family members or their friends at school. While you create cards, queue up your favorite love songs to play in the background. Dance breaks and silly dance moves are encouraged!
  1. Keep your #PledgeToPlay going strong by pretend playing Post Office with the Valentine’s Day notes your little one created. Designate a “mailbox” for each member of the family or each child at school and let your child deliver their cards to each individual. This small gesture will put a smile on recipients’ faces. Plus, there is no cuter delivery truck than a little red wagon!
  1. If you haven’t already, download and complete your family’s Pledge To Play certificate. Talking about activities you love doing together will help formulate a meaningful pledge that your whole family can get behind.
  1. Play tic-tac-toe, Valentine’s Day style. Try Hugs and Kisses instead of Xs and Os . Another tip – red and pink M&M’s happen to make the perfect marker.
  1. Heart and Seek! Hide heart trinkets – erasers, pencils, boxes of candy hearts – around the house and see how long it takes your little ones to find them all. For older kids, you can make it a bit more challenging as by making it a true treasure hunt with riddles and clues.
  1. Make a heart crown for your littles to wear around the house or to their school Valentine’s Day celebration.
  1. Easy and colorful, these rainbow heart suncatchers will brighten up any window and bring a smile to everyone’s faces.
  1. Why limit celebrations just to one day? Celebrate a month of love by keeping a note jar full of cute poems, kind words and Valentine’s ideas. Each day, pull out a note and share it with your family.
  1. Another way to celebrate love all month long is to create a linking hearts chain. Cut strips of red, pink, and white paper and write something you love on each strip. Fold each strip in half and staple the other ends together, bending in to create a heart shape. Link them all together for a festive decoration.
  1. Last but not least, show your family how much you love them by spending quality time together. Teach your kids about something you love doing like gardening or cooking, spend time talking about each other’s days, or have a special family play date. At the end of the day, there is no better time than time spent together.


How do you plan on spending your Valentine’s Day with your little ones? Share your plans with us on social media using #radioflyer so we can help celebrate your love-filled adventures.