100 Ways to Use Your Wagon

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100 Ways to Use Your Wagon

April 16, 2020
posted by Mindy Schanzle



Looking for more new and creative ways to keep #PlayingAtHome? Radio Flyer is here to help! Today we are excited to share a printable list of 100 ways to play with your wagon. From pretend play and fun activities to DIY décor ideas and creative inspiration, there will be plenty of ideas perfect for the whole family that will keep everyone playing for hours on end.

Parents can print out the list and use as-is for a reference or follow the directions to make a DIY idea jar. Cut the list into slips of paper along the dashed lines. Put all of the ideas into a bucket or jar – decorate with your family if you want! –  and pull out a new way to play whenever you need it. We even left a few blank slips if your family has their own ideas to add.




What are your favorite ways to play with your wagon? Let us know by using #radioflyer on social media!