11 Best Indoor Toys for Active Toddlers of 2022

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11 Best Indoor Toys for Active Toddlers of 2022

December 21, 2021
posted by Chelsea Lavin

Wintertime is here! We love playing outside in the snow, but on days when it is too cold or dark to venture out, there are still plenty of ways that families can bring the fun indoors. We’ve compiled a list of our 11 favorite indoor toys for toddlers of 2022. These toys encourage both active and imaginative play for energetic toddlers and will have your little ones playing, moving, and scooting all winter long.


1. Best Indoor and Outdoor Climber: Play & Fold Away Treetop Tower

      children playing on climber

Take imagination to new heights with this Play & Fold Away climber: traverse treetops, slide down waterfalls, or spot your favorite jungle animals with the telescope. This climber can be used indoors or outdoors and includes a slide, climber, working steering wheel, telescope, and secret play space. When the fun is done, simply fold the climber for portability and easy storage.


This climber is great for active, imaginative play and quiet time. Kids can turn their climbers into an indoor fort with the secret play space or find a cozy spot to color and read on the top platform. Shop the Play & Fold Away Treetop Tower.


2. Best Indoor Toy for Pretend Outdoor Play: Kid’s Wheelbarrow

         child playing with wheelbarrow

The Kid’s Wheelbarrow is a real wheelbarrow designed for toddler sized fun! This toy is the perfect tool for pretend indoor play. Your little one can plant imaginary flowers, pretend play gardening, or transport dolls & stuffed animals around the house with this fun toy. Plus, it makes a very cute storage bin for other toys.


When spring rolls around, bring the wheelbarrow outside and have your little one helps you gather veggies from your backyard garden! A seamless steel tray, real wood handles, and a durable molded wheel make this Kid’s Wheelbarrow multifunctional for indoor and outdoor use. Shop the Kid’s Wheelbarrow.


3. Best First Horse for Active Indoor Play: Socks™: Rolling Pony

          child riding horse

Socks™, your child’s favorite new rolling pony, is ready for imaginative pretend play – no assembly required. Thanks to the caster EZ-Glide wheels that spin 360⁰, toddlers can create their own motion and move in any direction. Socks™ delivers a smooth ride on hardwood floors, tile, or any other smooth indoor surface so your child can enjoy endless hours of riding. Shop Socks™: Rolling Pony.


4. Best Wagon Toy for Young Walkers: My 1st 2-in-1 Wagon® with Teddy Bear

          child pushing walker wagon

Watch your young walker flourish with the My 1st 2-In-1 Wagon® with Teddy Bear. The locking handle and stable 4 wheel base help your toddler master their first steps safely while building confidence and balance. As your little one becomes more confident on their own two feet, unlock the folding handle to use as a pull wagon and watch your child enjoy endless hours of fun around the house!


When not in use, this deep-sided wagon doubles as a perfect utility toy box for your child to store their huggable teddy bear. The cute, lightweight container easily corrals stuffed animals, blocks, books, and other play essentials. Shop the My First 2-in-1 Wagon® with Teddy Bear.


5. Best Tesla Kids Car for Active Indoor Play: My First Model Y

          child riding ride on wagon

The My First Model Y delivers the superior Tesla experience for the littlest drivers. Featuring Black Induction Wheels with rubber grip tread, this premium ride-on car provides a smooth ride indoors for hours of endless active play. Toddlers will love scooting and driving around the house with the My First Model Y. Shop the My First Model Y.


6. Best Ride-On for 2 Kids: 6V Battery Powered Fire Truck For 2 with Lights & Sounds

     child riding firetruck

This ride on is perfect for the aspiring junior firefighter or simply toddlers who spend their afternoons absorbed in imaginative play. Little ones can go on pretend adventures together with two rider seating, and the rechargeable 6V battery allows little ones to travel up to 2 mph on their ride on. Realistic lights, sounds, and the fun fire truck design are sure to inspire hours of indoor, imaginative play. Shop the Fire Truck for 2.


7. Best First Race Car for Active Play: My 1st Race Car™

          child riding car

The My 1st Race Car™ is a classically designed ride-on toy car that inspires active play for beginner riders. The ergonomic seat and easy grip steering wheel create an enjoyable and comfortable riding experience to help toddlers ages 1 to 3 years old balance safely. The smooth glide wheels work well on hardwood floors and tile, allowing your child to scoot and ride with ease. Shop the My 1st Race Car™.


8. Best Ride-On for Developing Fine & Gross Motor Skills: Busy Buggy®

          child with walker push wagon

The Busy Buggy® brings imagination and learning together in one fun & interactive ride-on. Your toddler can practice important gross motor skills of walking & scooting with this adorable car, or they can sit & play with one of the 17 different interactive activities to develop fine motor skills. From interlocking gears and sliding beads to clicking dials and folding mirrors, the Busy Buggy® provides endless engagement that your child is sure to love. Shop the Busy Buggy®.


9. Best Bouncy Rocking Horse: Chestnut Interactive Spring Riding Rose

     child spring horse

Walk, trot, or gallop with Chestnut, the interactive riding horse toy! Chestnut interacts with your toddler for personalized play: rock on the horse to hear realistic riding sounds, feed Chestnut to activate chewing noises, or comb the mane for interactive play. Plus, the deluxe fabric is soft to touch and oh so huggable.


Imagination is limitless with Chestnut. Will your toddler and Chestnut become the best racers in the world, explore new terrains, or go on a quest to solve a mystery? What adventures will your toddler go on with this bouncy rocking horse? Shop Chestnut


10. Best Classic Ride-On for the Indoors: Little Red Roadster®

          child on ride on toy

The Little Red Roadster® delivers a retro look with a modern design. Your toddler can scoot, play, and drive for hours all around the house with this adorable little red ride-on. The working steering wheel allows kids choose their path and helps develop gross motor skills, perfect for burning energy indoors. Plus, with a steel body and classic finishes like the shiny metal grill, kids and parents alike will love its style. Shop the Little Red Roadster®.



kids playing on foam blocks

This six-piece foam block set can be arranged in endless ways for indoor play. The blocks are lightweight and easy to move so toddlers can enjoy independent play while making an obstacle course, fort, or their own custom creation. Parents will love the soft, durable, and stain resistant PU foam that is easy to wipe clean.

These interactive toy blocks encourage active imaginative play and help develop gross motor skills. 

Plus, the Tumble Town Foam Blocks are a 2021 Parents Magazine Best Toys 2021 Winner. Shop the Tumble Town Foam Climbing Blocks.


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