12 Holiday DIY Ideas for the Whole Family

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12 Holiday DIY Ideas for the Whole Family

December 19, 2019
posted by Mindy Stumpf

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, there are so many options you can try! You can go the traditional route with some red and green. You can keep it classy with silver bells and gold accents. You can glam it up with glitter and bows. But the most fun decorations are the ones that your family makes together! Try getting the kids involved this holiday with these 12 fun and kid-friendly DIY decoration ideas (using things that you probably already have in the house!).


Around-the-House Crafts

There are plenty of simple but fun crafts you can create with your little ones as you get in the holiday spirit.

1. Take some popsicle sticks and make glittery snowflakes. Get creative with your design and add sequins, stickers, or paint...whatever you can find around the house!

2. Kids will be entertained for hours with a felt tree to play with. It will be like new every time they rearrange the felt ornaments and lights.

3. These Christmas tree cards are adorable and easy to make. Your little ones can use their imagination to customize their card. They can hand them out to relatives during the holiday celebrations.


Festive Displays

Whether you’re hosting company this holiday season or not, it’s fun to have festive décor on display that the whole family can enjoy.

4. Fun fact: a Little Red Toy Wagon makes a perfect centerpiece! Fill it with pinecones or fake snow for a wintry effect. Or add ornaments or small wrapped gifts to give it a true holiday feel.

5. A snowflake table runner is a creative project that could last multiple days and stay on the table through the winter months! Check out our snowflake patterns for inspiration.

6. Radio Flyer red looks great as part of an outdoor porch display. Use a wagon to give your outdoor holiday display a classic touch.


On the Tree

Trimming the tree is a fun family activity in itself! Why not add some fun homemade ornaments and garland too?

7. Pinecones are a seasonal and simple way to decorate the tree. String them together for garland that will last year after year.

8. Anything you have around the house could be turned into a holiday work of art. Use a paper cup or cleaned-up yogurt container to make a festive bell!

9. These twig ornaments are another natural and easy craft your kids will love.

10. Add a little ribbon or an ornament hook to the Miniature Classic Wagon for a cute and simple ornament.



Making your own giftwrap can be a blast, and kids will love giving gifts that have their special touch wrapped around it!

11. Did you know potatoes make great stamps? Cut your favorite shape into a potato to begin this fun potato stamp giftwrap.

12. Use some craft paper as the base for this cute and easy Santa handprint wrapping paper. Grandparents will love receiving gifts with this thoughtful and personalized addition from their grandchild!


How are you decorating the house this holiday season? Show us your festive décor and be sure to tag #radioflyer with any decorations that include a little red wagon!