18 Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers & Kids

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18 Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers & Kids

July 11, 2019
posted by Matt Young


Summer with the kids can be a memorable time for both you and your little ones. Fewer commitments and more time for imaginative play, getting outside, and creating things. As a Dad I love getting outside to go for a long after-dinner walk with my kids or joining in impromptu water fights on a hot summer day. Sometimes it’s just as nice to sit on the patio listening for the faint sounds of the ice cream truck as my kids play on our backyard swing set.  

One of our favorite things to do in the summer as a family is decorating our driveway with colorful chalk for the neighbors to enjoy. We’ve compiled a list of some of our other favorite things to do, so you can slow down and enjoy the ride, all summer long!



Go Ahead, Make a Mess!

1. Paint with berries and other natural finger paints

2. Create a colorful mess with some DIY chalk bombs - these balloons filled with chalk and water are awesome for beautiful driveway art or a colorful water balloon fight!

3. Stage a classic summer water balloon fight

4. Dig in the garden with a few of these fun garden ideas, including planting flowers and painting rocks. You can even use your very own little red wagon to help with gardening!


Make Summer Memories

5. Many libraries have fun summer reading adventures for kids. Take a trip to the library in your classic red wagon

6. Put on a show! Create a stage so your little one can sing, dance, tell jokes – whatever their heart desires

7. Teach your toddler how to pedal a trike or use a balance bike

8. Host a tea party – real tea not required!

9. Head to a kid-friendly festival or local market


Outdoor Fun

10. Walk barefoot in the grass or sand

11. Take a nap outside

12. Create a trike and scooter “car wash” with a bucket of soapy water, a sponge, and a hose. Learn more on how to host a toy wash here.

13. Make a water table for your little ones to learn and play all day long!

14. Find some different textured flowers, grasses, and sticks to use as natural paint brushes


Cool Down

15. Have some fun with ice! Freeze things in ice and try adding different colors to see how they melt – kids will have so much fun experimenting and watching the results!

16. Fill up your wagon with water balloons for the perfect summer water balloon fight

17. Create delicious summer watermelon popsicles

18. Head to the local swimming pool in your 3-in-1 wagon and pack a cool snack in the cooler (like watermelon popsicles!)


We hope you have the best summer yet with your toddlers, big kids, and all of your loved ones. Looking for a few more fun summer activities for kids? Explore all the outdoor activities we hosted for Camp Radio Flyer and more fun play ideas here.

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