21 Turkey Crafts for Kids & Preschoolers

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21 Turkey Crafts for Kids & Preschoolers

November 04, 2022
posted by Ali Randazzo

     child holding thankful sign

We are gobbling up all things arts and crafts this holiday season, including turkey crafts for kids! As chilly weather sends us indoors, we can’t wait to cozy up and craft this fall. So go ahead, pick one (or more!) of these 21 turkey crafts for preschoolers, turn on your favorite fall playlist, zip up your matching pajamas, and get creative with the whole family!


1. Paper Plate Turkey

First up is a classic turkey craft for kids – you might have even done one of these growing up! We’re taking inspiration from Simple Everyday Mom. First, start by painting the plate brown, this will be the turkey’s body. Then add any decorations, like construction paper features and beak and googly eyes!


2. Coffee Filter Turkey Craft

This craft won’t ruffle any feathers because you most likely already have the materials at home! Blogger Darcy and Brain says that all you need is coffee filters, a clothespin, and markers. Little ones will start by coloring a design on the coffee filter (mix it up with rainbow colors!) then spray with water to create a tie-dye effect. Add a painted cloths pin with googly eyes to finish.


3. Pinecone Turkey Craft

The Pinecone Turkey by Life Craft Eat is a craft and activity all in one! Start by taking a wagon ride around your local park to collect pinecones (and some colorful fall leaves, you’ll need those for a craft listed below!) When you’re home, kids can paint the pinecone to look like feathers on a turkey. Add a pom pom head with googly eyes to complete this turkey craft.


      child in red wagon


4. Thankfulness Activity Turkey Craft

This craft not only gets kids creative but is a great exercise to reflect and practice gratitude leading up to Thanksgiving. Busy Toddler explains that a parent can create the turkey body out of reusable items (think paper grocery bags or leftover cardboard from delivery boxes) and cut out feathers from construction paper. Each day, your preschoolers can tell you one thing they are thankful for. By November 25, you’ll have a full feathered turkey and a house filled with gratitude.


5. Turkey Puppet Craft

Take imagination to new heights with this turkey puppet craft! Not only is it a great classic craft but keeps playtime going throughout November with limitless imaginative and pretend play. Take a brown paper bag and decorate with construction paper or any materials you have on hand. 


6. Handprint Turkey Craft

Parents will LOVE how easy this craft is while kids will LOVE painting and pressing their hands! Plus, it’s fridge-worthy year after year as a keepsake. Parents can paint their preschoolers hand different colors, like the example above from A Little Pinch of Perfect or paint the hand multiple colors using only one handprint as the feathers and body.


7. Construction Paper Handprint Turkey Craft

This craft is a spin on the one above and turns your little ones handprint into beautiful feathers. Kids can practice their tracing skills while a parent will help to cut out the handprints. Simple Everyday Mom has a free template to get you started.


8. Sticky Turkey craft

We’re loving contact paper crafts and seem to keep doing them each season and holiday and still aren’t over them! Busy Toddler instructs parents to outline the body on the non-sticky side so kids can stick craft feathers on the opposite side to build their bird.


9. Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft

This toilet paper roll turkey craft is a great way to re-use otherwise discarded materials at home. A parent can help to cut out construction paper leaves while kids can glue on the details. Get creative and use materials around your house, like a tie-dye coffee filter or craft feathers as leaves!


10. Leaf Turkey Craft

Crafty Morning is coming at us with another 2-in-1 craft and activity! After foraging for the best and brightest autumn leaves, kids can decorate their turkey. Get creative with the base – use a piece of paper like the example above, or glue leaves onto an empty toilet paper roll, paper plates, or stick them in pinecones.


     child in tricycle with leaves


11. Coffee Filter Turkey Puppet

Level up your turkey puppets this year with a coffee filter design! Veronika from Toddler at Play says that this is a great turkey craft for preschoolers and even toddlers. A parent can help cut the paper, but your little one can do the rest with their little fingers. 


12. Popsicle Stick Turkey Craft

This mixed material turkey craft from About a Mom is not only fun to make but a great way to clean out the craft drawers using popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, paper, and googly eyes! Kids can customize their turkey and glue together with a parents help.


13. Turkey Craft Headband

Why leave your completed masterpiece at home when you can take it on the go! Spread Thanksgiving spirit at your local Turkey Trot, family Turkey Bowl, or even on trips to the grocery store. This example from iHeartCrafyThings notes that you will need paper, glue or tape, and a parent’s help with scissors.


14. Sponge Painted Turkey Craft

This craft from The Resourceful Mama mixes up a paper plate craft with new textures. Kids can use sponges, cotton balls, or even cotton swabs to add dotted and brushed texture to their turkey leaves.


15. Tissue Paper Turkey

This textured turkey will be loads of fun for kids to practice their gluing skills and experiment with mixed materials. Start with this turkey template from Arty Craft Kids or draw your own body then ball up small pieces of tissue paper and glue to your canvas to create a beautiful array of feathers.


16. Turkey Wreath Craft

This craft will double as fun decorations to hang on the front door or kids bedroom doors. The Resourceful Mama says to start with a painted brown paper plate and add construction paper. Don’t forget to decorate the turkey with googly eyes and pipe cleaner feet!


17. Paper Plate Leaf Craft

This craft from Our Kid Things is so aesthetic that parents won’t mind hanging it on the fridge or mantle! Simply glue fall leaves to the back of a decorated paper plate to create your own turkey craft.


18. Yarn Weaving Turkey Craft

Practice fine motor skills while getting creative with this craft from iHeartCrafyThings. Cut slits in a half paper plate from the edges to the inside circle. Then kids can weave yarn through the slits to create a fun texted pattern. Don’t forget to add a beak and googly eyes!


19. Macaroni Turkey Craft

This macaroni craft is anything but cheesy this Thanksgiving season. Start by painting the dry noodles. iHeartCraftyThings says the easiest way to do this is to add the noodles to a plastic, airtight bag with paint and mix it all around together (kids will love this part!) While those are drying, assemble the layered cardboard and add your turkey feature details.


20. Turkey Windsock Craft

After digging into your family’s favorite warm fall soup, don’t throw away the can! Save it for a turkey windsock craft. Paint the can brown and add decorations like craft feathers, ribbons, and googly eyes like the example above from Happiness is Homemade.


21. Turkey Cones Craft

This fun activity from Crafty Morning can be used as puppets for pretend play or even made into hats with an elastic band! Use construction paper to make the cone shape and 3D facial features and craft feathers for a rainbow twist.


      child in tricycle


Let us know if you tried any of these turkey craft ideas and which one was your family’s favorite! Tag us on social media with your completed creations and be sure to follow us on Pinterest for even more holiday activities and games for kids.