3 Printable Paper Dolls for Kids

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3 Printable Paper Dolls for Kids

June 18, 2020
posted by Mindy Schanzle


Ready for a fun and easy craft that also provides hours of extra play? Look no further than Radio Flyer’s themed printable dolls for kids. A crossover between a coloring page and a cute figurine, your little one will love getting extra creative with both their artistic abilities and playful imaginations.

Modeled after our favorite Emmy award winning short film Taking Flight, your child can create some of the central figures to Radio Flyer’s fictional tribute to founder Antonio Pasin’s legacy – little Tony, Ryder the bear, and a classic red wagon of course!

Be sure to check out the short film to spark some inspiration. All you need to assemble your dolls are some coloring materials, a pair of scissors, and tape. Have your little one color in the sheets however they please. They can make their new friends look just like the film or get as creative as they’d like! After that, simple cut along the dashed lines, roll your figurine into a cylinder shape, and tape the two ends of the rectangular stand together so that the paper stands on its own. Now your child can play all day with their very own Taking Flight paper dolls!






What epic adventures will your little one go on with their new friends? Will they escape wild monkeys and battle aliens like the film, or will their travels be entirely new? Share your adventures with us by using #radioflyer on social media!