3 Ways to Parade at Home

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3 Ways to Parade at Home

May 27, 2021
posted by Mindy Stumpf


Memorial Day weekend is here which means it is also the unofficial start of summer! Parades are a favorite summer pastime, signaling the shift to warmer weather, longer days, and countless celebrations like Memorial Day, Pride Month, and the 4th of July. We love seeing families use their Radio Flyer wheels as part of their festivities. To kick off the season, check out our list of 3 creative ways that families can parade at home this summer.


1. DIY Decorations

Whether you have an actual parade or not, you can still celebrate the season at home with your own DIY decorations! Break out the red, white, and blue or your rainbow colors and deck out your favorite set of wheels. You can use materials you have at home – construction paper, glitter, yarn…whatever you have in your craft drawer. Plus, making the most of what you have laying around is the perfect chance for you and your kids to flex your creative muscles and brainstorm some festive DIY celebratory décor. Need a little help getting started? Check out some of our favorite ideas for dressing up your wagon or tricycle.



2. Pretend Play Parade

Encourage your little ones to put their imagination caps on and host their own parade around the house! Kids will love playing the role of parade planner, and there is plenty they can do to add to the fun of this pretend play idea.

  • Create a music playlist to listen to during the parade – it can be patriotic music, country jams, pop hits – you pick the theme of the parade!
  • Plan a route. Little ones can use paper and crayons to map it out indoors, or chalk is the perfect route marker for an outdoor adventure.
  • Get your imaginary friends involved! Kids can line up their stuffed animal friends, dolls, and action figures outside along the driveway or sidewalk as the “audience” to watch them ride on by. Or, they can decorate their toy wagon and pull their favorite friend around the house for an indoor parade. Mom and Dad, you can be the adoring audience in this scenario and even have grandparents and other relatives join via video call.



3. Plan a Neighborhood Parade

Coordinate with your neighbors to plan your own summer neighborhood parade! Depending on what guidelines are in place where you live, this idea can come to life in plenty of different ways.

  • Everyone can walk around the neighborhood together in their wagons & trikes with each family adhering to local and national recommendations while also respecting the comfort levels of individual households.
  • Families can take turns making their grand walk down the street with everyone else staying in their yards and cheering them along.
  • Simply turn your family walk into a parade – decorate your wagon, pick out some fun music, let your neighbors know what time you’re headed out, and wave to the cheering spectators as you walk by!



How will your family parade at home? Let us know your ideas and share your picture with us by using #radioflyer or tagging @radioflyerinc on social media!