4 Learning Toys for Toddlers

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4 Learning Toys for Toddlers

February 26, 2019
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Kids are quickly growing, changing and developing. They’re learning to explore, entertain themselves and gain confidence in the world around them. We know you’re looking for products that will last as your little one grows so take a peek at some of our favorite learning toys for toddlers and see how they grow with your child.




The Grow with Me Racer is the first in its kind and provides battery operated fun for kids 1 ½ to 4 years old. Little ones love cruising down the driveway or on the sidewalk in this little racecar. It has three riding modes – parent-controlled, child-driven with adult override, and completely child driven. This car even has a 360-degree spin feature for added fun. As your toddler is growing and learning the daily habits of their ever-growing world, they will love taking the wheel of this little hot rod.




If you’re looking for an unplugged toy for your toddler, a durable indoor/outdoor product is a great option. The Kid’s Wheelbarrow has real wood wheelbarrow handles and a durable molded wheel. Teach them about dirt and bugs and how to water the plants! You and your child will have a great time playing in the yard and planting flowers with this little red wheelbarrow. 



Once toddlers are on the move, they never want to stop! A grow-with-me set of wheels can focus their motion in one safe path – better than running and climbing everywhere else! The Scoot 2 Pedal grows with your child through two stages of play. Children can start out scooting and then learn to pedal on this three-wheeler designed for kids ages 1-3. The pedals flip out so you can convert between the two modes in seconds as your child learns and grows. 




When they’re starting out, building confidence with each step is a journey! Balance can be built with various activities like hopping or scooting. The Scoot 2 Scooter is a four-wheeler that allows your toddler to build confidence as they go from scooting to riding a scooter. The four-wheel design allows them to build their balance gradually. Kids 1-4 can explore on this toy for years to come!


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