5 Benefits of Balance Bikes

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5 Benefits of Balance Bikes

October 17, 2019
posted by Chelsea Lavin

You may have started noticing a two-wheeled trend in your neighborhood, and we’re not talking about your typical pedal bike! Balance bikes have taken over sidewalks everywhere and are an ideal developmental fit for toddlers, making them the best first bikes. This fun and intuitive two-wheeled ride is the perfect vehicle to prepare your child for their big-kid bike-riding years.

A balance bike contains the basic frame of a 2-wheeler bike: two wheels, a seat, and handlebars for steering. The pedal-free design allows little ones to focus on momentum and balance to propel them forward rather than pedaling. Balance can be the hardest part of learning to ride a bike for kids. If your little one is interested in learning the ins and outs of riding a bike, a balance bike is helpful development tool for parents to consider. Check out our list of 5 benefits a balance bike provides.


1. Develops Gross Motor Skills

One of the most important benefits of a balance bike is its ability to help your child develop gross motor skills. As they figure out how to balance, maneuver, and glide on the bike, their brains are developing pathways to use these skills again – muscle memory! Creating experiences that develop these motor skills are crucial for little ones. Practice makes perfect after all!


2. Fun Way to Exercise

Every parent knows one thing to be true – kids want to move.  Whether your little one loves to run, crawl, jump, or scoot, kids seem to find endless ways to move throughout the day. Balance bikes are a fun way to fulfill that need. Making exercise fun will instill healthy habits that will last!


3. Increases Confidence

Learning a new skill is always a confidence booster no matter how old you are, and this is no different for little ones! Balance bikes introduce balance and other gross motor and spatial skills into your child’s life. As they work through mastering how to balance and glide on a two-wheel vehicle, they will gain confidence over time as they learn – especially with you by their side cheering them on!


4. Comfort and Versatility as Your Child Grows

Balance bikes are easy to maneuver and intuitive for little ones to operate. Radio Flyer’s balance bike frames are light and sturdy so kids ages 2 ½ to 5 can move around with ease. Additionally, the adjustable comfort seat adapts to your child’s height. They will feel comfortable riding around on a balance bike fit perfectly to them for years of exciting play.


5. Transition Easily to a Pedal Bike

Balance and motion are two necessary components to master in learning to ride a pedal bike. Balance bikes familiarize kids with both of these concepts, providing a safe foundation for learning to ride a pedal bike. As they use their feet to propel themselves forward, they get used to the feeling of creating motion and momentum. As they practice moving faster, kids will feel more and more comfortable picking their feet up and balancing. Once they get the hang of putting these two skills together, they will feel unstoppable!


Radio Flyer has a selection of balance bikes designed to capture these benefits in style. Don’t forget to share your own balance bike moments by tagging #RadioFlyer on social media!