5 Best Wooden Wagons for Kids

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5 Best Wooden Wagons for Kids

November 08, 2021
posted by Chelsea Lavin

Radio Flyer wood wagons deliver an iconic classic design known and loved by generations of families. These 5 wooden wagons are as innovative as they are iconic, continuing to make parenting easier through their function and style. Read on to learn more about our 5 best wooden wagons for kids.


1. Best Customizable Wooden Wagon: All-Terrain Build-A-Wagon

You can have it all and haul it all with this personalized custom steel & wood wagon. With XL hauling capacity and custom accessories, create the wooded wagon that is perfect for your family’s unique needs. Whether you choose monster tires and storage bags for your family’s all-terrain adventures or a canopy, classic tires, and nameplate for neighborhood walks, this customizable wagon delivers maximum fun and years of smooth riding to come.

     build-a-wagon customizable wooden wagon


  • XL hauling capacity to carry everything 
  • Fold under handle for easy storage
  • Steel & wood: durable and timeless materials 
  • Choose classic, all-terrain, or monster tires
  • Add accessories including canopy, storage bag, comfort seat pads, and more
  • Add personalization to make it the ultimate custom ride



Adventuring is made easy with this red wooden wagon. It has a durable wooden frame and rubber wheels to take on everything from evening strolls around the neighborhood to gardening in the backyard. When you’re done using the wagon, store this wooden wagon easily with its unique storing features. Simply remove the side panels and fold the handle under the wagon for easy storage. 

     red wooden wagon empty


  • All wood body
  • Classic style and design
  • Removable wooden sides
  • Durable rubber tires
  • 10" steel wheels
  • Extra-long handle folds under for easy storage


3. Best Wooden Wagon for Beginner Walkers: Classic Push Walker Wagon

This adorable wagon is perfect for beginner walkers because of its resist push feature. This ensures the wagon doesn’t move too quickly so little ones can build balance and confidence on their feet. The classic design also makes it the perfect toy to leave out as decoration in a toy room (it doubles as a toy box!).

     kid walker wooden wagon filled with stuffed toys


  • Builds confidence and balance with “resist push”
  • Natural solid wood body for a classic look
  • Removable wooden stake sides
  • Furniture friendly bumper protects your home
  • Conscious manufacturing for a reduced carbon footprint
  • Maximum weight capacity: 35 lbs.
  • For ages 1-4 years


4. Best Steel & Wood Wagon for Off-Road Adventures: All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon

Enjoy the combination of the Original Little Red Wagon body and wooden stake sides to create a premium and timeless wagon. Features like the rugged air tires and controlled turn radius for easy steering make off-road adventures a breeze. Between your family walks, farmer’s market hauls, or trips to the forest preserve, you’ll want to leave this toy wagon on display because of its timeless look. 

     steel and wood wagon


  • The Original Little Red Wagon body with wooden stake sides
  • All-steel seamless body with no-scratch edges
  • Get Out and Play® with real air tires that can handle any terrain
  • Extra-long handle folds under
  • A controlled turning radius prevents tipping
  • Maximum weight capacity: 200 lbs.
  • Suitable for toddlers and kids 1½+ years



This classic wagon is versatile for all terrains and adventures. One of our favorite features? The rugged all-terrain rubber tires. They are durable enough to take on all terrains yet provide a smooth and comfortable ride for passengers – a win-win situation. Plus, high wood sides create an extra-large hauling space to pack in your essentials or little ones. The classic Radio Flyer red-colored wooden sides can be removed for flat-bed hauling. Whether it’s a nature walk on a dirt trail, beach day on hot sand, or hauling tools for yard work, this versatile cargo wagon can do it all.

     radio flyer red wooden wagon with beach supplies


  • Real rubber air tires handle any terrain
  • Extra-large body for ultimate cargo-hauling capacity
  • Removable wooden sides
  • Classic look & versatile design
  • Extra-long handle folds under
  • No-pinch ball joint keeps fingers safe
  • A controlled turning radius prevents tipping
  • Suitable for toddlers and kids ages 1½+ years

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