5 Fun Ways to Mix Up Your At-Home Picnics for Kids

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5 Fun Ways to Mix Up Your At-Home Picnics for Kids

March 29, 2022
posted by Mindy Stumpf


Sunshine, family time, and summertime memories – we’ve been enjoying all of these in the last couple of months! This summer has been filled with memories from parading at home and flexing our green thumbs to playing our favorite outdoor games and going to virtual Camp Radio Flyer. Time flies, but you can still enjoy the ride by slowing down the clock and soaking up every last summer afternoon.

Before fall rolls in, we’re making even more memories by mixing up a classic summertime activity: picnicking. It’s the perfect activity to cap off the season! We’ve created a list of 5 different ways to mix up your picnic that will keep little ones excited and entertained during the last few weeks of summer.

1. Indoor Picnic Party

Whether it is a hot summer day or rainy afternoon, bring the fun inside with an indoor picnic party. You can even have your little ones build a fort for your indoor picnic space. Drape blankets over tables, sofas, or even your My 1st Scooter® Sport to create a cocoon. Then, fill the space with pillows and cushions to make the space cozy. Kids can even invite their favorite dolls and stuffed animals to join in on the picnic. Load your Classic Walker Wagon with books and coloring pages to continue the fort fun all afternoon long. Or, get playtime going by trying some new Active Indoor Games for Kids.

2. Global Grub
Even if your vacation was postponed this summer, kids can still experience different cultures through food! Mix up the menu with food from different destinations from New York-style bagels to Italian pasta. Load up your Classic Red Wagon  with ice to keep the food and drinks chilled, or use your My 1st 2-In-1 Wagon® to transport lunchboxes!

3. Surprise Picnic

Build the anticipation with a surprise picnic! While loading up the wagon, each picnicker should secretly pack one snack in the wagon. Once you arrive at your destination, each person can share the reason why they picked their food of choice while enjoying the surprise picnic.

4. Backyard Bash

To enjoy an afternoon of sunshine, take a field trip to the backyard for a picnic. Load up your Tailgater wagon  and cooler caddy to haul food and cold drinks. The wagon can also be used for additional seating when transformed into bench mode! You could even pitch a tent in the backyard to cool off in the shade. For a DIY tent, drape a blanket over string or wire that is connected to two trees. After your picnic, try a few of these Classic Outdoor Play Ideas to continue the fun in the sun!

5. Distanced Dining
Stay connected to neighbors in a socially distanced way with a neighborhood picnic. Choose a date in advance, then have the little ones send out invites using these printable cards. Families can gather in an apartment lobby, on their front lawns, or at the park and picnic at the same time while remaining physically distanced. If your picnic destination is nearby, enjoy watching your little ones ride their scooter or balance bike to the destination (don’t forget a helmet!).


Whether you and your little ones try new foods, connect with loved ones, or transform your backyard into a restaurant destination, these 5 ways to picnic are sure to mix up the afternoon fun!