5 Indoor Kids Toys for Chilly Weather

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5 Indoor Kids Toys for Chilly Weather

November 06, 2018
posted by Mindy Schanzle

At our Radio Flyer headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, temperatures have begun to drop, and we can tell winter is coming! Plus, Daylight Saving Time has left sunshine in short supply. Not surprisingly, kids get proverbial “ants in their pants” this time of year. Fortunately, we can help with a variety of fun, indoor kids toys perfect for braving long days inside.


1. Busy Buggy

With 17 interactive features that help develop fine and gross motor skills, your little one will love playing with the Busy Buggy! Riders can scoot through the living room or push their way along as they learn to walk — just the ticket on a dreary day.


2. Lightning: Electric Ride-On Horse

Powered by a 6V battery, our new adventure pal Lightning can travel up to two fun-filled miles per hour. The irresistible plush fabric and padded head invite hugs and cuddles. Meanwhile, the push-to-go button on the handlebar provides easy control, and the footrests lend comfort. With smooth wheels, it’s also safe for indoor use.


3. Classic Walker Wagon

This award-winning push wagon is designed for maximum stability. That makes it a great aid for little ones beginning to walk. Among its features is a natural, solid-wood body that offers a classic look; a “resist-push” feature for beginner walkers, so they won’t flip or turn while pushing; removable, wooden stake sides; and a furniture-friendly front bumper.


4. Freckles: Plush Interactive Riding Horse

This realistic, plush, spring horse responds to your child's motion with life-like sounds that change based on how fast they ride. That’s true whether the horse is walking, trotting or galloping. Its plush coat and padding welcomes hugs, and the saddle keeps your child in place while riding. Freckles also encourages imaginative play by responding with eating sounds when "fed" the carrot accessory. Adding to the fun, the horse’s soft yarn mane and tail can be brushed with the comb accessory.


5. Radio Flyer Personalized Adventure Book

There’s nothing like a book about your child to help pass time indoors. In our personalized adventure story, your child-star — frustrated by a rainy day —jumps into a magical Radio Flyer vehicle with best friend Ryder. The pair embarks on a magical, high-flying adventure to a new world full of fanciful creatures, called Dragosaurs and Flying Snoodles. When a baby Dragosaur is in danger, your child solves a daring rescue and safely arrives back home.


Need some more ideas for indoor fun? Click here to find more toys for imaginative play. And be sure to check out some of our DIY projects, which are perfect for days spent inside.