5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

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5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

May 04, 2021
posted by Mindy Stumpf


Looking for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift idea for little ones to get mom, grandma, or the special mother figure in their life? We’ve got you covered! Check out these 5 easy and adorable Mother’s Day gift ideas for kids. They will have so much fun creating them, and the lucky recipient will love the thoughtful effort from the little ones in their life.


1. Mother’s Day Coupons

These special coupons make the perfect heartfelt homemade Mother’s Day gift. Will you offer to do the dishes for a week or clean your room? Maybe you’ll treat mom to her favorite meal or a special movie or game night, her choice of course. If your family still needs more ideas, hug coupons are always a good start!


2. Pamper Kit

What better way to show the special mother figure in your life that you care than with an assortment of all their favorite things? Start with a basket, tote bag, or Little Red Toy Wagon as the base of the gift. Then, fill it with small gifts & trinkets that will pamper them on their special day. Some ideas for your pamper kit could include cozy slippers, a sleep mask, scented soap, a book, a coffee mug, their favorite candy, or a gift card to their favorite local shop or restaurant. Kids can help pick out and arrange the gifts.


3. Breakfast in Bed

A perfect way to get little ones involved in Mom’s special day is having them help prepare breakfast in bed for her. Whether your family is planning a brunch of flipping flapjacks and squeezing fresh OJ or popping bread in the toaster and bringing mom her morning cup of joe, giving Mom that extra time to relax and rest is a gift of its own! Use your little red wagon as a breakfast delivery vehicle or use the wagon body as a cute DIY serving tray.


4. DIY Mother’s Day Cards

These DIY cards are an easy extra from your child to add to any Mother’s Day gift. Simply print out, fold along the dotted lines, write your personalized message (nice, heartfelt, or silly!), and color as you please. We even have a special one that you can give to Grandma.


5. Mother’s Day Coloring Sheet

For little ones who can’t write quite yet, this coloring sheet serves as both a fun activity for kids and a special gift to give. Mom will appreciate the effort and love her new refrigerator art. For an extra thoughtful touch, have your child color it with Mom’s favorite colors.


Which gift will your little one be giving the special woman in their life this Sunday? Be sure to share your pictures with us by using #radioflyer or tagging @radioflyerinc on social media. Happy Mother’s Day!