5 Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Kids

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5 Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Kids

June 14, 2021
posted by Mindy Stumpf


After a year indoors, you and your little ones have probably perfected DIY crafts or learned to flex your green thumb. This Father’s Day, children can put these skills in play with these unique and homemade dad gifts. We’ve compiled 5 Father’s Day gifts for kids including free fridge-worthy printables and gifts every super-dad will love. Keep scrolling for ideas to up your gift game in 2021 and celebrate the dads and father figures in your life!


1. Dad-Lib

Little ones can get creative with this wacky printable ad-lib, or as we like to call it, Dad-Lib! Little ones can tell a story explaining why they love their fathers and father figures by completing prompts. Bonus: there is room to draw a picture on this free printable.


2. Flyer™ eBike

We are so excited about our new line of Flyer™ eBikes and know dad is, too! Choose the Flyer™ M880 if they are looking for the perfect everyday adult electric bike to rekindle the joy and freedom of their first set of wheels. Meanwhile, dad can haul cargo and kids with ease on the Flyer™ L885, an all-in-one longtail electric cargo bike (also read: a gift for the whole family!).

Choose from a variety of Flyer™ accessories like front and rear storage baskets or accessories from our partners like a Thule® child seat and Bell® helmet. Best of all, Flyer™ products come with free shipping, rider resources, and an award-winning service team. Wins all around. Pre-order your eBike for Dad today for a gift he won’t forget!


3. Super Dad! Custom Story Book

Pull out the craft supplies and your thinking caps because we’re getting creative! This free printable allows little ones to become an author of their very own picture book all about the Super Dad in their life. By answering prompts and drawing pictures, children can tell imaginative or real stories of what makes their dad super and how they save the day.


4. Backyard Backup: Kid’s Wheelbarrow Gift Pack

This creative gift pack is perfect for dads with green thumbs and those who maybe need a little extra help in the yard. Start by getting a Kid’s Wheelbarrow. Then, fill it up with all of their favorite outdoor essentials. Some ideas include a new pair of work boots or gloves, tools, yard supplies, grilling gear, or a gift card to their favorite home improvement store.

The wheelbarrow can then be used by little ones to help Dad around the yard or as a garden or yard accessory for DIY-loving dads. Dads will love help from their very own gardening apprentice with this backyard accessory.


5. Homemade Printable Cards

These free printable cards are perfect dad gift send in the mail or hang on the fridge. Dads and grandfathers alike will love these cards that double as coloring sheets. They are perfect stand-alone Father’s Day gifts for kids or can even supplement gift ideas #1-4.


So once again, happy Father’s Day! Whether you spend it drafting up the ultimate Super-Dad adventure book, cruising on a Flyer™ eBike, or digging in the yard, every dad will love these unique Father’s Day gifts for kids.