5 Ways to Incorporate Play Into Everyday Activities

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5 Ways to Incorporate Play Into Everyday Activities

January 23, 2020
posted by Mindy Schanzle



This year at Radio Flyer, we’ve taken a #PledgeToPlay, and we hope that your family is joining us! We think that there is room for play in each and every thing that we do, including those tasks or chores that would typically be considered mundane. With these 5 ideas for turning everyday activities into play, your little ones will be begging to do help with chores or head out on errands – and we think you’ll have fun too!


1. Bring in the Toys – This is a simple way to get toddlers excited to help around the house…and make chores more fun.

  • Need to declutter the living room? Have your little one use their wagon to collect stray items.
  • Is your laundry all folded? The Classic Walker Wagon doubles as a delivery truck, perfect for dropping clothes off at their correct room.
  • Do you know who else makes the perfect clean-up helper? Your little one’s favorite stuffed animal or doll! Kids will be more excited to help and engaged in the activity if they know that Teddy the Bear will “do” the work with them.
  • Time to harvest the garden? Kids will have a blast using their very own wheelbarrow – just like Mom or Dad’s!


2. Dance Dance! Because music makes everything more fun.

  • Play some music and make any monotonous activity an instant dance party. Mom and Dad, this is your chance to share some of your favorite songs with your kids. Will it be Taylor Swift or some classic throwbacks? The choice is yours!
  • Make your own dance game! Every couple of minutes while you are doing chores, take turns yelling out a new dance move for everyone to try. Some of our favorites are the sprinkler, taking a shower, and of course the shopping cart.
  • Take your tunes to go in the car. Jamming out on the radio can distract and prevent complaints from the backseat or sibling fights while you go to and from your errands.


3. Make Chores a Sport – 2020 is an Olympics year. It is also the year that you turn your household chores into an event as exciting as the Olympics.

  • Picking up clothes and putting them in the laundry basket can easily become hamper basketball.
  • Dusting or mopping the floor is a pair of mop slippers away from being an ice skating adventure. You’ll want to join in this one too!
  • Use a point system for extra competitive siblings. Stickers or tallies are the perfect way to track who is the fastest at cleaning their room or who can wash the most dishes. Don’t forget to remind them that quality counts – and YOU are the judge of that! Entice the winner with a prize that suits your family. Maybe it’s picking what movie you all watch or what’s for dinner Friday night.


4. Dinner Time Fun – It can be hard to keep your little ones occupied while you get dinner ready – why not get them involved?

  • Pretend play restaurant and have your kids help with opening night. Brainstorm together what the name of the restaurant will be. Kids can also help come up with creative or silly names for the dishes you are serving.
  • Every restaurant needs a menu – set up a spot with construction paper, crayons, and stickers and have your little one write out and color menus while you get the cooking done.
  • No dinner is complete without dessert! Select a few ingredients and play your own version of Chopped – the family can vote on favorite dessert. Your kids will have a blast playing chef and making their very own creations.


5. Turn Errands into Games – Getting out of the house to knock errands off of your to-do list can be a daunting task with energetic little ones in tow. Make it a smoother experience by adding an element of play – games!

  • When you’re at the food store, enlist little helpers and turn your grocery list into a scavenger hunt. Who fill find the oranges first? Can your little one find a special treat for under a dollar? Get as creative as you want.
  • Parents, when you have to run out on an errand within walking distance, break out your stroller wagon and play iSpy to pass the time. A little red ride turns any simple trip into an exciting adventure.
  • When you have to stop at the bank, let your older kids pretend play adult. Let them hand the check you need cashed to the teller or have them count the coins you are exchanging. They will love helping you.


With these 5 ideas, play time can be any time! Sure, the tasks might take a little longer to accomplish, but done slowly is better than not done at all – and you and your little ones will have a whole lot more fun spending this time playing together.

How do you incorporate play into your everyday activities? Share your ideas and other ways that you #PledgeToPlay on social media with #radioflyer.