5 Ways to Use Your Wagon on the 4th of July

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5 Ways to Use Your Wagon on the 4th of July

June 18, 2021
posted by Mindy Stumpf


The 4th of July is this weekend! As you prepare to sport your red, white, and blue, don’t worry about the red – your Radio Flyer wagon has got you covered. While there are hundreds of ways to use your wagon all year round, the 4th of July is an especially perfect occasion to put your set of wheels to use. Check out our list of 5 creative ways to use your wagon this 4th of July weekend.

  1. Patriotic Parade Vehicle – it’s no secret that a Radio Flyer wagon is the perfect set of wheels to bring to a parade. Even if our 4th of July celebrations look a little different this year, you can still deck out your ride and throw your own parade at home.
  1. Festive Front Porch Décor – show off your festive spirit to the rest of the neighborhood by incorporating your wagon into your porch décor. We even have some printable decorations that your little ones can help create for the display. It also makes for a perfect photo background!
  1. Picnic Basket – for an on-the-go celebration, a wagon makes the perfect picnic basket. Whether your family is hanging on the beach or heading to the park for a socially distant firework display, bring a dinner spread with you! Something as simple as a picnic can make the holiday feel extra special for little ones.
  1. Unique Serving Tray – a little toy red wagon is the best way to add a pop of color to your table. Perfect for holding anything from sweet treats to silverware & napkins, family members and friends alike will love this little red touch at any 4th celebration.
  1. The Coolest Cooler – hosting some guests this 4th of July weekend? Bring on the childhood nostalgia by converting your classic red wagon into a mobile cooler. All you need is some ice and your favorite drinks to get the outdoor party started.


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