7 Best Tricycles for Learning to Pedal

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7 Best Tricycles for Learning to Pedal

May 21, 2019
posted by Chelsea Lavin

If you’re anything like many of us at Radio Flyer, you have some memories of learning to ride a bike. There are a lot of different things happening when you learn to ride. You’re worried your parents will let go too soon, you’ve got a helmet (and sometimes knee pads) on, you have a lot to think about. How do I pedal, steer and remember to break all in an instant?!


As adults, there are many resources online to help us master the art of teaching little ones how to ride a bike. Here at Radio Flyer, we have some awesome toddler tricycles to help get your little one used to one of the important starting steps – pedaling.


The time to introduce pedaling is unique to every child, because they all grow at different rates! For our littlest ones, we have a few high quality products that will get them comfortable with the concept of pedaling. Our 4-in-1 trike and Build-a-Trike products both offer easy transitions into pedaling with the option of a removable footrest.


1. Best Grow with Me Tricycle: Build-a-Trike


Build-a-Trikes can be customized to whichever stage your child is in – from an infant trike to a classic trike. The first two stages offer safety and comfort; offering a sturdy, nonslip surface for your little one to rest their feet on before they tackle pedaling. Once they’re ready, the footrest is easily removed and the trike turns into a learn-to-ride trike, allowing you to help your little one develop their skills.


2. Best Tricycle for Strolling: EZ Fold 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike®



The EZ Fold 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike® comes equipped with all of the necessary parts making it the ultimate grow-with-me trike. It easily converts from an infant trike to a push trike, learn-to-ride-trike, and a classic trike. This trike also provides essential safety features for the youngest riders, including a removable wrap around snack tray with cup holder, a footrest, and a 3-point harness with headrest. On top of doing all of that, it also easily folds making it great to store until your next adventure!


3. Best Push Tricycle: Classic Red Tricycle with Push Handle



The Classic Red Tricycle with Push Handle helps you guide your child to pedaling success! The adjustable handle lets you comfortably control the trike as your toddler learns to maneuver it and can be removed when they are comfortable enough to ride on their own. The adjustable seat grows with your child and the controlled turning radius keeps them safe and stable.

Once your little one is ready to try pedaling on their own, check out these trikes to get them going!


Best Tricycles for Toddlers



4. Best Big Wheel Tricycle: Deluxe Big Flyer

This award-winning trike is designed to be a sleek, chopper-style tricycle with a racing design. The large 16” front wheel has performance grip tread to prevent spinning out and the adjustable seat grows with your child.




5. Best Interactive Tricycle: My First Big Flyer with Lights & Sounds

This trike offers fun, fast riding with 7 buttons that play unique songs and sounds. The traction tread on the front wheel is designed to hug the road. It also includes a working turn signal for extra imaginative fun.




6. Best Folding Tricycle: Fold 2 Go Trike

This trike comes fully assembled for instant riding and folds easily for portability and storage. The trike also includes a safety latch to keep it secure while little ones are riding. The low center-of-gravity and controlled turning radius offer stability, and the sturdy steel construction and adjustable seat ensure your child will enjoy the trike for years. Plus, it comes with streamers and a fun covered storage bin.




7. Best Classic Tricycle: Classic Red Tricycle

These classic trikes are the ones you had as a kid! These bright trikes are classically styled and include chrome handlebars, fender and ringing bell. These sturdy trikes also feature steel construction, durable spoked wheels, a 10" front wheel and real rubber tires. The controlled turning radius prevents tipping for safe and confident riding. It also has a rear step for easy on and off.




Bonus: Glide & Go Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are a great way to get little ones comfortable with the steering and balancing that comes along with learning to ride a big kid bike. On a balance bike, little ones can walk, run and glide, all while avoiding frustrating training wheels altogether. Our balance bikes come with adjustable seats, choose between smooth ride regular or air tires. As they prepare for that next big step to two wheels, a balance bike can be a great tool to build confidence while safely learning to balance.