7 Classic At-Home Winter Activities for Toddlers

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7 Classic At-Home Winter Activities for Toddlers

February 09, 2021
posted by Mindy Stumpf


On those weekends when you and your little ones are craving the crunch of snow beneath your feet but the forecast doesn’t agree, try out these at-home winter activities and crafts for preschoolers and toddlers! These nostalgic activities can be done in the comfort of your home no matter the weather conditions. Grab some hot cocoa and your coziest pajamas because here’s our list of 7 classic winter activities and crafts perfect for #PlayingAtHome.


1. Indoor Winter Wonderland

Creating “snow” indoors is not only an interactive way to celebrate the season but also a great sensory activity for toddlers, too. Little Bins for Little Hands has an easy fake snow recipe using cornstarch, baking soda, and water. Be sure to add in some accessories, like cookie cutters or small toys, for hours of interactive fun. This recipe will last 7-10 days in the fridge, which might be longer than the snow will last outside before it melts!


2. Free Snowflake Printable

Winter is never complete without making a few paper snowflakes. Use our free printable to create two different patterns of snowflakes. Simply print them out and follow the cutting directions. Toddlers can leave their snowflakes white as snow or customize with colors, stickers, and other craft supplies you have on hand for some very unique snowflakes! Take this craft one step further by stringing together your snowflakes and hanging them as winter décor on your Radio Flyer wagon.


3. S’mores Indoors

No need for a bonfire to enjoy this classic treat this winter. All you have to do is assemble your s’mores, place them on a lined baking sheet, and bake until the chocolate is melty and the marshmallow is gooey. Next is the most important part… grab some napkins and dig in!

Alternatively, Hello Little Home suggests roasting the marshmallows above a gas stove to reach ideal crispiness or placing the marshmallow and graham cracker in the microwave for a few seconds to heat it up. This toasty treat will have you and your family feeling cozy at home. Turn on a favorite wintertime movie to make an evening out of it.


4. Sock Skate Party

Socks aren’t only great for keeping our feet warm and snuggly this time of year…they’re also perfect for indoor skating! On any smooth flooring in the house, like hardwood or tile, little ones can imagine themselves in the center of an ice-skating rink performing their best moves. Take turns choreographing routines or freestyling. The socks on the smooth surface will have your little one sliding and gliding like a professional ice skater. This activity should be exercised with caution, in a clear area with supervision. For some background music, turn your DJ Dance & Spin™ to your favorite song and jam out!


5. Indoor Sledding

If sledding is more your style, try out the Flyer 500® for the thrill of a hill at-home. Little ones can even dress up in their winter gear to enhance the pretend play fun. Don’t forget to enjoy a delicious cup of hot cocoa after your “sledding” adventures!


6. Popsicle Stick Ice Skater Dolls

This adorable winter activity from MollyMoo combines imaginative play and water play. First, gather your materials: large popsicle sticks, disposable plastic cups, aluminum foil, some markers, scissors, and water. Then, get crafty and have toddlers turn their popsicle sticks into people using markers to draw on clothes and a face. Use your imagination to create fun characters!

Next, add water to a paper cup. Cover the cup with aluminum foil and stick the popsicle stick in the middle of the foil. The foil will keep the popsicle stick standing up. Pop the cups in the freezer overnight. The next day, peel away the cup and the foil to play. Try the ice skater dolls on different surfaces indoors and outdoors to learn about melting or use the skaters as dolls to create a storyline.


7. Stained Glass Snowman

No matter the weather, making a snowman before spring is essential. Glued to my Crafts has created a DIY snowman perfect for indoor play. This craft is great for little ones with its unique stained-glass aesthetic. First, a parent will help their little one outline their snowman on clear contact paper. Then, toddlers and preschoolers can stick tissue paper to the contact paper to complete their snowman. Replicate his idea with any winter shape, like a snowflake or snow globe. Hang on the fridge or give as a gift to grandparents.


If you tried any of these classic winter crafts and activities for toddlers or are #PlayingAtHome in other ways, be sure to tag @radioflyerinc on social media so we can celebrate the season with you!