7 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

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7 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

April 16, 2019
posted by Chelsea Lavin

There are endless adventures awaiting inside the walls of your house if you know where to look! At Radio Flyer, we love to create an adventure out of anything. Whether it’s a rainy day or you can't adventure outdoors, here are some ideas for endless fun indoors.



Create some fun clues that lead your little ones around the house. You could even incorporate your little red wagon or trike by making it part of a clue! Download our treasure hunt kit here.




Draw and Color

Art is such a fun way to encourage little ones to be creative. Putting crayons to paper is one of our favorite ways to let creativity flow. Download our super fun Radio Flyer adventure-inspired coloring pages here and watch your little one’s imagination take flight.


Put on a show

Creating a stage and having a family variety show is a fun way to get the whole family involved. Encourage kids to dance, sing or perform a comedy skit!


Go camping – indoors!

Grab the sleeping bags and lanterns and set up an indoor campground – complete with stovetop s’mores, of course! Tell ghost stories, scavenge for goodies and take hikes around the house.


Plan a birthday party

We loved throwing Isabelle a Radio Flyer themed 4th birthday. All the fun we had in the backyard could easily be done for an inside party too! Download fun decorations and games for your party here.


Create a game

Everyone loves a good game of Simon Says or Follow the Leader. Create your own imaginative game that encourages little ones to move and jump and play! Balloon tennis, a vacuum cleaner race or a bubble wrap popping contest came to our minds. Where will your imagination take you?


Read a book

Reading with kids is such a fun way to build their imagination and expose them to your fun story character voices. Radio Flyer has two books we’re proud to add to your bookcase. The Radio Flyer Personalized Adventure Book allows your little one to see themselves in their own little adventure. Radio Flyer: 100 Years of America’s Little Red Wagon is a collection of photos and stories of one of childhood’s most beloved icon – the Little Red Wagon!