8 Fall Crafts & Games for At-Home Recess

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8 Fall Crafts & Games for At-Home Recess

September 15, 2020
posted by Mindy Stumpf


It’s mid-September, and school is not only back…it’s in full swing! Parents, teachers, and students are superstars for doing their best to stay positive and be flexible during a school year unlike any other. Even with school happening virtually, taking a recess break is still essential for kids. To help parents and kids flex their creative muscles and enjoy the new fall season, we’ve compiled a list of 8 simple fall-themed crafts and games to enjoy during recess time at home.



1. Combining two favorite fruits of fall, this apple stamping pumpkin craft from Made To Be a Momma provides a simple & seasonal craft for kids to enjoy during the virtual school day.

2. Head on over to The Best Ideas for Kids to check out some of their creative leaf painting ideas. Kids can collect leaves of all shapes, sizes, and colors from the backyard or during a walk to use as part of their masterpiece.

3. We love this fall-themed handprint tree from POPSUGAR. Your little one will enjoy getting a little messy with the paint, and the final product is an adorable gift with a personal touch for kids to give to their grandparents. Just be sure to clean all the paint off your hands before heading back to class!

4. Crafty Morning’s popsicle stick scarecrow is too cute and makes the perfect Autumn decoration for the fridge. You can even break this one into a 2-recess activity. On the first day, paint the popsicle sticks and cut out all the shapes. When recess rolls around the next day, have your little one assemble their scarecrow and find the perfect place to display it in the house!



5. Put your kids to the test with a fall-themed ABC Game. Can your big kid think of one fall-related word that starts with each letter of the alphabet? Have them write down all 26 letters of the alphabet and see! Some words are as easy as L for Leaves and P for Pumpkin, but see how creative you can get with some of the trickier letters! To make it more of a challenge, set a timer for 5 minutes and see how many letters they can get before time runs out.

6. Big Activities has tons of fun fall word searches to keep your kids entertained when at-home recess is indoors. They even have different levels of difficulty so little ones and big kids alike can enjoy.

7. When recess time rolls around, you can’t go wrong with a classic like iSpy. Have your little ones hop in their favorite set of Radio Flyer wheels for a walk around the neighborhood and get ready for the fall themed fun. As we get closer to Halloween, there will likely be more spooky displays and festive fall décor around the neighborhood to spot for your game too!

8. For indoor or outdoor play, try a pumpkin hunt. Think of it like an Easter egg hunt but for the fall. Hide little pumpkins around the house or yard and have your kids race to see who can find the most. You can also play with just one pumpkin – first one to find the pumpkin wins. You can make the hiding spots easier or more difficult depending on the age of your children or the level of challenge you want. Kids will love telling their classmates about this one, and it will feel new each time you play!


Which crafts and activities are you excited to try during this week’s recess time? Let us know by tagging us in your photos using #radioflyer or @radioflyerinc! For more ways to #RecessAtHome, check out these 9 activities & ideas.