8 St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids

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8 St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids

March 11, 2020
posted by Mindy Schanzle

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! Like any holiday, St. Patrick’s Day is a perfect excuse to add some festive flare to your family’s routine. There are plenty of fun (and green!) activities you and your family can partake in – Irish or not. We’ve compiled a list of 8 kid-friendly ideas to help make this St. Paddy’s day extra special. 



1. Plant Your Own Clovers

Grow a little luck of your own. You can find clover seeds at your local plant shop or even order some online. Little ones will love flexing their green thumbs, taking care of a plant of their own, and watching them sprout through the soil. Maybe you’ll even find a 4 leaf clover!


2. Attend a St. Patrick’s Day Parade

We love a good parade, and St. Patrick’s Day has some of the best! It’s the perfect time to deck out your ride – green streamers, gold glitter, you name it. If you want to be extra green at the local parade, look no further than the Camo Wagon.


3. Make a Tasty Treat

There are so many treats associated with St. Patrick’s Day. You could go with a savory corned beef and cabbage or a chocolate coin from your pot o’ gold. If you’re looking for something green, these sneakily healthy pancakes make the perfect breakfast.


4. Read About Ireland/St. Patrick’s Day

There are some really fun Irish folk tales out there that older kids will love. Chances are you’ll be entertained too! For younger kids, enjoy some fun picture books like The Luckiest St. Patrick’s Day Ever or How to Catch a Leprechaun.


5. Freeze Jig

Perfect for a party or a play date! Play traditional Irish jig music and have the kids dance along. Stop the music at random times. When the music stops, the kids must stop jigging and freeze in place. The last player to freeze is out of the game. Play continues until only one child remains on the dance floor. Who is the best Irish dancer in your family?


6. Leprechaun Tag

Another fun one for a group. In this game, the kids are divided into leprechauns and fairies with one player being “it.” The “it” player must trap a leprechaun by tagging him. Like freeze tag, when a leprechaun is tagged, he must freeze in place. The fairies can set a leprechaun free by tagging him. If a fairy is tagged while trying to free a leprechaun, however, she is also caught and must trade places with the player who is “it.”


7. Go on a Leprechaun Hunt

You can have A LOT of fun with a Leprechaun Hunt. Depending on how intricate you want to get, we’ve seen some really fun leprechaun hunts in the past. A little washable green paint serves well for leprechaun footprints. Leprechauns like to cause a little chaos, so chairs turned backwards or upside down or Lucky Charms spilled on the counter might be a clue you’re getting close!


8. Cardboard Crafts

You’re already decked out in green – why not throw a “green” craft into the mix by repurposing some cardboard toilet paper rolls? We love these rainbow binoculars to help your little ones to start out a day of leprechaun hunting or this easy shamrock stamp.


What other ways do you plan to spend St. Patrick’s Day with your family? Tag #RadioFlyer on social media and let us know. We can’t wait to see all the fun you have on St. Patrick’s Day!