9 Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

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9 Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

November 04, 2022
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Every family has Thanksgiving traditions, whether it is a special meal, activity, or event.  Check out our list of 9 Thanksgiving activities and seasonal crafts for kids that are sure to bring smiles and warm memories to the whole family. Whether your little ones want to try a new craft, game, or activity, we’ve got you covered to make this season special.



Below are a few activities that utilize active play and creativity to celebrate Thanksgiving. Choose a few to incorporate over the holiday weekend with your family!


1. Parade at Home


Create your own Thanksgiving parade at home modeled after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade! Mimic the infamous New York parade by dressing up little ones in costumes and loading up your Radio Flyer wagon with props and a speaker for music. Invite your neighbors to participate in the socially-distanced parade around the neighborhood or to cheer and clap from their yards as your little ones roll down the street in style. Check out this blog post for Radio Flyer’s top tips and tricks for parading at home.


2. Book Break


Between cooking, playing, or crafting, take a quiet reading break with your family. The EveryMom put together a book list that captures stories of friendship and gratitude that are perfect for families of all ages. This season, check out a few of these books from your local library to keep the celebration going through bedtime. PS: wagons filled with blankets and stuffed animals make for the coziest reading nook.


3. Pumpkin Play


If you have miniature pumpkins or gourds leftover from spooky season, re-purpose them into one of these Thanksgiving activities for kids! Radio Flyer’s Kids Wheelbarrow easily transports your pumpkins to the game destination.

  • Blogger Wilder Child describes a pumpkin hunt similar to an Easter egg hunt. Parents should hide miniature pumpkins around the backyard or house (substitute printable pumpkins if you don't have real ones on hand) and then watch little ones go on a fun pumpkin hunt!
  • MommyPoppins suggests a Pumpkin Bowling Game. Use pumpkins as the bowling ball and gourds as pins (substitute milk jugs or water bottles as pins). This is a great Thanksgiving activity for toddlers to practice hand-eye coordination and makes for a fun competitive game for older kids.


4. Practice Gratitude


Radio Flyer’s expert play panelist Kate Fahrenbach wrote about the importance of teaching gratitude at a young age. Thanksgiving Day is a great opportunity to practice giving thanks to loved ones and trying a new gratitude activity or two. Read “9 Gratitude Activities for Kids to Practice Thankfulness" for simple ideas for kids and parents to practice at home to foster gratitude.


5. Nature Walk


Enjoy the autumn views this season by getting outside and connecting with nature. Whether you take your wagonscooters, or balance bikes, little ones will love exploring their neighborhood parks and crunching through the leaves. If you want a hands on activity as you explore, check out our outdoor scavenger hunt for kids printable.


Seasonal Crafts

Fall crafts are always a hit. These moms describe a few Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers and big kids alike that use common household items and provide hours of entertainment!


6. Turkey Windsocks

Heidi, from Happiness is Homemade, created Turkey Windsocks with her little ones. This turkey craft requires a can, ribbon, paint, and googly eyes but can be customized depending on what materials you have on hand. These adorable turkeys take less than 30 minutes to make and double as a cute fall decoration.


7. Homemade Thanksgiving Placemat

If you are looking for a fun way to dress up your Thanksgiving dinner table, try this homemade placemat activity by Ruby from Growing Up Blackxican. Not only is it a fun activity, but it can be used daily to curb messes. This craft requires contact paper, construction paper, scissors and crayons. Ruby even included free printables for specific designs like an acorn, turkey, or apple pie.  These DIY placemats make holiday meals that much more special.


8. Apple Stamping Craft

Check out this Thanksgiving craft idea from Katie at Made to be a Momma that uses staple pantry items. Katie uses apples for a pumpkin stamping activity. First, cut the apple in half so it resembles the shape of a pumpkin. Little ones can then dip the apples into orange paint and stamp it on paper. Decorations are encouraged and remember to save a few apples for a seasonal snack between crafts!


9. Corn on the Cob Artwork

For another craft straight from the pantry, Stacey from Glued to my Crafts uses cereal to create corn on the cob artwork. This craft utilizes a printable (or sub construction paper), glue, and cereal. Little ones will love this excuse to play with their food!


While 2020 Thanksgiving celebrations at home might look a little different this year, but these games, crafts, and imaginative play activities might create some new traditions to keep the fun going for years to come. If you try out any of these activities while you’re home for Thanksgiving, tag Radio Flyer in your photos with #RadioFlyer on social media so we can celebrate with you and your little ones. Happy Thanksgiving!