Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea: Build-A-Gift Wagon

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Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea: Build-A-Gift Wagon

March 27, 2018

Baby and bridal showers pop up all over my social calendar this time of year. The parties are fun, though the prep can take a lot of time. I’m relieved to finally have a PERFECT gift for every baby shower and new arrival: Build-A-Gift Wagon.


When I was a kid, I did not understand all the shower fuss. The long wait for gift opening, the fancy food and the formal attire (I had to wear TIGHTS?!?) made the parties a dreaded ordeal. Recently, showers for best friends and family—and my own—have completely changed my mind. I understand the importance of celebrating milestones with your community of loved ones. Thoughtful gifts from my showers still remind me that all in attendance were—and are—a part of my family.


As a guest, I stress about finding the perfect baby shower gift. Not only will the mom-to-be open (and hopefully) love my present; the entire party watches! The guest of honor opens adorable custom toy boxes, hand knit blankets, and DIY diaper cakes. Thoughtful, sure, but also tough competition! I have 10 minutes during baby naps to plan a gift; that is not enough time to learn to knit or scour Etsy!


This is why I love the Radio Flyer Build-A-Gift Wagon: in 5 minutes, I can customize, personalize and ship the best baby gift. For the gift basket foundation, you can choose a toy-sized steel little red wagon or a wood push wagon (it starts as a beautiful toy box and later teaches the baby girl or baby boy how to walk!). Next choose a blanket color—white, pink or blue—and a teddy bear style. The classic bear complements any traditional nursery, and Ryder bear adds an adventurous twist. Then add more adorable accessories (pro tip: include t-shirts for soon-to-be big siblings). For a finishing touch, include a personalized name plate. There is a free gift message option that comes in a red envelope; you don’t even have to find a card! Once you order, the Radio Flyer team will wrap your gift in clear cellophane and tie with a red bow.


Before we launched this awesome present idea, I created DIY versions. I filled a Classic Walker Wagon with a teddy bear, baby clothes, etc. that I purchased elsewhere. Now that I have my own twin baby boys, there is no way I’d have time to create an instagrammable gift presentation on my own. Huge bonus: the whole thing comes assembled! Major time saver, plus the perfect gift to send when you can’t be there in person. I can relax because I know my high school bff (who lives halfway across the country) will open a perfectly wrapped, personalized baby gift. Boom! Shower WIN. Oh, and of course, I am glad to know it will make her happy. 


Ready to create your unforgettable baby shower gift? Start building your custom Build-A-Gift Wagon here.