Baby's First Wagon: A Radio Flyer Baby Shower Gift Basket

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Baby's First Wagon: A Radio Flyer Baby Shower Gift Basket

July 18, 2014
posted by Emily Brandenstein

When a loved one announces that a baby is on the way, the stressful hunt for a creative, never-been-done-before baby shower gift suddenly dawns on us. But don’t stress!  Here in this post lies a great gift idea that mom and baby will dually enjoy!

Our version of a gift basket includes all the things that babies love. The gift basket, made from our Model #5 Little Red Wagon, holds a picture frame, bubbles, rubber ducky, plush fish and giraffe, Radio Flyer “That’s How I Roll” bodysuit, pacifiers, teething toys, and classic children’s book.  

The items that we picked are just a small portion of the loads of baby trinkets that go great inside our #5 Little Red Wagon  to give to any baby. Using our Little Red Wagon as the vessel for all the gifts you personally pick out for a newborn is a great way to give a gift that can be used both now and for years to come. Once baby has worked through all the gifts inside the wagon, he or she can play with the wagon that carried it all!

The baby bodysuit draped inside the wagon is part of our apparel line. You can find it on our online store at .

Another sweet use for the little red wagon is to put a picture of baby in it to decorate the nursery! The uses are endless for this classic toy and we hope that gets you rolling with some more ideas—pun intended!