Balance Bikes: The Best First Bike for Toddlers

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Balance Bikes: The Best First Bike for Toddlers

September 18, 2018
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage. But did you know balance bikes are great for children to master the skill set? Balance bikes are pedal-free and focus on balance and coordination. 


What is a balance bike?

At its core, a balance bike aids development as kids use their feet to first walk, then run, then balance while gliding. Designed as an alternative to training wheels, a balance bike allows you to skip the unsteady stage of running and holding onto a child’s bike seat. Once a child masters a balance bike, they typically transition seamlessly to a two-wheeler.


This beginner bike without pedals helps young riders learn to ride a bike naturally — not to mention faster than with training wheels. At the same time, they have an abundance of benefits such as fine-tuning balance and coordination. By avoiding wobbly, frustrating training wheels, a balance bike can eliminate a fear of falling while boosting your child's confidence aboard a fun, effective learning tool.


What age should a child ride a balance bike?

Balance bikes are perfect for children between two and five years old. In order to enjoy the bike for many years, be sure to get one with an adjustable, grow-with-me seat to allow the balance bike to grow with your child.


How do I choose a balance bike for my child?

In order to choose the best balance bike for your child, look for one with traction tread or air tires for durability and stability. You’ll also want it to be lightweight and transportable. It would be fun to include interactive features, such as a ringing bell as well!


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