Banish Indoor Boredom with Our Top Five Favorites

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Banish Indoor Boredom with Our Top Five Favorites

February 27, 2018
posted by Chelsea Lavin

We don’t know about you, but we tend to get ants in our pants this time of year. Although it’s still too cold to play outside, you — and the kids — may find yourselves ready for a change of scenery. We suggest looking to toys that spark imaginative play both outside and inside. Read on to discover our top five Radio Flyer favorites that can be used for the great indoors.


1) Our award-winning Classic Walker Wagon is perfect for toddling youngsters! The push wagon provides storage for their toys during adventures around the house. Adding to the appeal, it has a furniture-friendly front bumper and resist-push feature for early walkers. Check out this timeless must-have here!


2) We recommend watching our Emmy-winning short film, “Taking Flight.” Featuring a bear named Ryder, it chronicles the life and heritage of Antonio Pasin, inventor of the Radio Flyer wagon. Have the kids watch along with their very own plush Ryder, as he embarks on an epic adventure with friends Tony and Grandpa Nonno! Watch “Taking Flight,” and see its furry co-star here.


3) Perhaps you remember the lovable classic Inchworm? Featuring a bounce-and-go motion, ergonomic saddle and heart-shaped handle, this adorable throwback is ready to spring into action, both indoors and out! Get a dose of nostalgia here.


4) Offering the next best thing to a real, live horse — without all the responsibility, of course — is Chestnut: Plush Interactive Riding Horse. Our realistic spring horse reacts with life-like sounds based on how fast your child rides. It also makes eating sounds when “fed” the carrot accessory! Meet Chestnut here.


5) Kids love story time, especially when the tale is all about them. It’s why we introduced the “Radio Flyer Personalized Adventure Book!” Starring your child and Ryder the bear, the duo embarks on a magical, high-flying adventure in the Radio Flyer vehicle of your choice. Created in partnership with personalized children's book company I See Me!, it’s a delight for young ones and adults alike. Get your customized book here.


  • Classic Walker Wagon
  • Ryder
  • The Inchworm
  • Chestnut: Plush Interactive Riding Horse
  • Radio Flyer Personalized Adventure Book!