Behind the Scenes: The Harlem Shake

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Behind the Scenes: The Harlem Shake

March 26, 2013
posted by Melissa Enos

It was a sunny Friday afternoon at Radio Flyer headquarters in March when the Harlem Shake was filmed. We were inspired to try it after watching the dance craze on YouTube by others such the Pepsi Jeff Gordon race team.

  • First scene of the Harlem Shake
  • The man behind the teddy bear in the Harlem Shake
  • Did you spot the pink elephant in the Harlem Shake?
  • Gettin' down to the Harlem Shake
  • The Gorilla in the Harlem Shake
  • Waldo!
  • We filmed the Harlem Shake in 30 minutes
  • How we get into the World's Largest Wagon

Over 40 Radio Flyer employees participated, including Robert Pasin, our Chief Wagon Officer and grandson of the founder.  He’s wearing a horse head and dancing on top of the World’s Largest Wagon.  Can you spot him?

Other characters to look for: Cookie Monster, Waldo, Angry Birds, Darth Vader, pink flamingos, the Peanuts Gang, a bee, a teddy bear, Tetris pieces and a pink elephant on a tricycle.  Were you able to find them all? What about the lime doing sit-ups, or the worm?

We had a great time filming. It took 30 minutes to film—we enjoyed watching some of the extra footage at our company meeting. Thanks to our local TV stations for covering, including NBC, ABC and FOX.

What do you think of our kid-friendly take on the Harlem Shake?