Behind the Scenes with the Tesla Model S for Kids

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Behind the Scenes with the Tesla Model S for Kids

September 29, 2016
posted by Allison Rivers

In 1917, Antonio Pasin invented America’s favorite little red wagon.  Earlier this year, we were proud to announce a new product that combines that same spirit of timeless innovation that has driven our business for nearly 100 years with the latest cutting-edge technology.

The Tesla Model S for Kids is the coolest new car for kids, and the only car for kids designed in close collaboration with Tesla’s design team.

Our team of designers carefully considered every detail to create a car that looks and operates like the real thing more than any other kids’ car.  Here is a behind-the-scenes view of some of the best featues:


Flight SpeedTM Lithium Ion Technology

The most advanced technology in kids’ cars is here.  Our Flight SpeedTM Lithium Ion Battery has the highest performance of any competitve kids’ product.  You can charge in as little as 3 hours as opposed to the overnight 12-14 hours of charging required by a traditional lead-acid battery.  Lithium Ion batteries also have a longer lifespan, which means fewer replacement battery purchases and a smaller impact on the environment.  Upgrade to the Premium Battery for 50% more playtime.


Authentic Model S Body Lines & Proportions

The close collaboration with Tesla’s design team means our Tesla Model S for Kids truly captures the essence of the adult Tesla in appearance, yet it’s perfectly adapted for kids with child-friendly ergonomics.



Power-saving Headlights

Don’t worry about draining your battery if you leave your headlights running.  The Tesla Model S for kids has a time-out feature if the headlights are left on for more than 10 minutes without driving.  They turn back on automatically once you start driving again.


Quick, Seamless Charging

The Flight SpeedTM Lithion Ion batteries have been designed with two easy ways to charge your car.  Plug into the charging port – just like a real Tesla – or slide out the battery to charge separately.  Lights on top of the battery clearly indicate the charge level, so you can always be sure you’re ready to roll.



Patented Reverse Mode

The Tesla Model S for Kids comes with two speed settings: 3 MPH or 6 MPH.  To ensure the safest possible ride, the car will automatically activate the low speed setting while the car is in reverse.


Fully Customizable

Make a car that’s truly your own – or one just like mom or dad’s.  Choose the paint color, rims, performance, and accessories.  Make this ride feel just like the real thing with a sleek car cover and custom license plate, and reserve your parking spot with a customizable parking sign.


International Availability

The Tesla Model S for Kids is now available in 19 different countries.  Visit our website to see when we will start shipping to your country and preorder your Tesla Model S for Kids now.

Ready to have the coolest ride on the block?  Customize your ride here: