Best 90s Radio Flyer Toys to Gift This Holiday

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Best 90s Radio Flyer Toys to Gift This Holiday

December 05, 2019

I cannot say how excited I am to see that some of my favorite nostalgic trends from the 90s are back. My 11-year-old self would love to find a scrunchie and caboodle in my otherwise grown-up, boring bathroom. 90s nostalgia seems to be in full force right now. Fanny packs, mini-backpacks and movie/TV remakes are everywhere.

As a 90s kid, I love that I can get my own rug rats the same toys that defined my childhood. A rush of nostalgia mixed with parent adoration brings a lot of warm fuzzy feelings. I am perfectly fine leaving trends like inflatable furniture and digital pets in the 90s, but some classics are worth bringing back. Here are my top 4 picks for the best Radio Flyer 90s toys you can still buy today:

  1. Town & Country®

This was THE vehicle of my childhood. I basically lived in it one summer. All I needed were a few hula-hoops and a bed sheet to make it my very own Conestoga wagon. I’m not sure my younger sisters enjoyed our many trips across the prairie, but as the oldest, I was not concerned. Every time I see a Town & Country Wagon I smile. I remember 4th of July parades, trips around the neighborhood, and our lemonade stand. It is wild how fast one little wagon can transport me back 25 years.


  1. The Inchworm®

I did not have this friendly toy growing up, but our neighbors did. It made me smile then, and it makes me smile now. Our parents never caved on our incessant campaign for a dog, so we cared for the Inchworm as the pet we never had. Needless to say, the cute little ride-on got plenty of love and attention. 90s kids aren't the only generation with fond inchworm memories (since it arrived before we did!), but it has a place at the front and center in our collective recall of the ideal backyard.


  1. Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle™

My classic tricycle was my first indicator that I was not the tallest of kids. I needed special pedal extenders added my trike so I could reach. Lucky for me, they worked seamlessly, and I was able to race and ride to my heart’s content! First, I explored our city apartment living room. Later, I graduated to our suburb driveway. I can't wait for my boys to start pedaling on a red trike that looks a lot like my own first set of wheels.


  1. Classic Red Wagon

Last but not least, the Original Little Red Wagon®. This classic pre-dates us 90s kids, and I bet it will stick around long after us, too. We saw this wagon in our neighborhoods, on the pages of storybooks, and pulling our favorite TV characters. The Little Red Wagon is an icon of American Childhood. The mini toy version of this classic is already a top favorite in my house. I even had to get a second so each of my boys could pull their own treasures around at the same time. One loads up all his stuffed animals while the other piles in basketballs and footballs. I love that the wagon is perfectly suited to both their interests. Now I have to decide when to bring in a full-sized version.



What are your favorite childhood toys? Are there any you will share with your kids? Let us know in the comments and be sure to tag us in your favorite throwback pictures using #radioflyer!