Best Gifts for Baby's First (or Second) Christmas

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Best Gifts for Baby's First (or Second) Christmas

December 11, 2018

When our preemie twins came home from the hospital, the first time we did anything felt like a major accomplishment. Our first trip to the doctor – we survived! My first day home alone with both babies – we survived! More recently, their first haircut – we survived! First events are stressful since we don’t know what to expect. For a more exciting “first”— Christmas—the new responsibility of parenting was still overwhelming. I expected the holiday to blur into the other sleepless nights and spit-up filled days. We found ourselves, however, getting excited BECAUSE of these tiny babies. Having our own children helped us remember the magic of our own childhood holiday memories. We were so excited to share that joy with our boys; I remember smiles and laughter from their first Christmas, though I am sure plenty of 2am crying happened too.


This year I am much more excited preparing since I know the joy on the other side. Choosing Baby’s First (or in my case, Second) Christmas gift is one task I can’t wait to tackle. When our boys are old enough to understand Santa, I want to tell them about gifts he brought when they were babies. I’m searching for gifts that will last in time and memory, not just things they will play with for a few months. Radio Flyer’s passion for creating toys that last is a perfect fit. I know the quality will hold up over time, and many vehicles have multiple modes for years of fun. It’s hard to go wrong with a Radio Flyer under the tree, but these six toys are especially perfect for Santa deliveries.


  1. Busy Buggy: This new, interactive ride-on encourages imaginative play and helps develop both fine and gross motor skills. It is also a child push walker, which allows babies and toddlers to build confidence and balance as they learn to walk. With 17 sensory activities, the Busy Buggy™ will provide endless learning and fun! Activities include interlocking gears, a clicking spare tire, folding side view mirrors, a spinning steering wheel and more. The spinning beads introduce letters and numbers. Storage underneath the seat allows your child's favorite toys to join every adventure. Ages 1 - 3.


  1. Classic Walker Wagon: This gorgeous push wagon is designed for maximum stability making it a great aid for little ones beginning to walk. Features include natural solid wood body for a classic look, removable wooden stake sides, furniture-friendly front bumper and durable molded wheels with grip tread. I love the look of this in our living room, but I have to keep it hidden since it causes HUGE fights between my boys whenever I bring it out. Ages 1-4.


  1. Build-A-Trike: Stroller Trikes are the perfect fun alternative to a stroller, and you can create one that is perfect for your family with our custom Build-A-Trikes. It will last for YEARS: all the accessories remove (including the push handle) so that it is ultimately a cute classic tricycle. Choose between over 1500 combinations with different fabric and accessories. You can even personalize with a custom nameplate. All you need is a giant bow for the photo-perfect item under the tree. Ages 9 mos. – 5 years.


  1. Grow With Me Racer: This battery powered remote control car delivers endless fun for a range of ages—and driving abilities—since it has 3 modes: adult driven, child driven with adult override, and child driven. The remote control gives parents the ability to override the child and either direct them on a better path or stop them immediately for safety (Whew! Who knew 2 years olds can’t drive?). One easy-push button makes it simple for kids to move forward, while the other easy-push button and steering wheel spins them right and left in place. Rechargeable battery and charger included. Ages 1½ - 4.


  1. My 1st Scooter Sport: The My 1st Scooter® Sport is perfect for beginner riders since it is designed to develop balance and coordination. The stable wide base is low to the ground for maximum stability and safety. We placed two wheels in the front to provide a clear kick path—many other three wheel scooters put wheels in the exact spot kids need to place their foot while scooting. We also limited the turning radius to provide additional safety without compromising mobility. Ages 2-5.


  1. Build-A-Wagon: A red Radio Flyer wagon is almost designed to sit under a tree. This iconic vehicle is a great gift for one child or an entire family! Children will spend years on adventures – real and imaginary – in their new ride. You can create a wagon that is perfect for your family with our customizable Build-A-Wagon platform. Pick a wagon base, fabric design, and accessories to match your family’s lifestyle. You can personalize with a name or phrase. We’ve recently added collapsible folding wagons to our line – check out the three fashion options: City Luxe, Alpine Select, and Ultra Sport. Ages 1½+.


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