Our Top 6 Best Beach Wagons for Toddlers of 2022

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Our Top 6 Best Beach Wagons for Toddlers of 2022

March 28, 2022
posted by Jenny Moore

Hello, summer! Who else is loving the warm temperatures and sunny skies? We know we are! It's the perfect time to enjoy a classic seasonal activity - going to the beach. There's no better feeling than enjoying the sand between your toes and the smell of the salty air on a picturesque summer day with your family. Choosing the right beach wagon to tow your gear and your little ones can help ensure that your day at the beach is smooth sailing.

Check out our list of the 6 best performing beach wagons for sand so you can enjoy every moment of summer.


1. The Ultimate Beach Wagon: Beach & Boardwalk Wagon™


Put on some sunscreen, grab your towel, and pack up all your sand and waterfront essentials – enjoying a beach day has never been easier with Radio Flyer’s collapsible Beach & Boardwalk Wagon™. Whether you live somewhere with sunshine year-round or you live for those luxurious warm summer days when they come around each year, all families will love the versatility of this folding beach wagon. 

Sustainably designed with 100% recycled wagon fabric, the Beach & Boardwalk Wagon™ has 3 modes of use making it perfect for all of your beach day needs. Toddlers can use this outdoor vehicle for a seaside stroll, as a shady spot for sitting, or as a place to store their favorite beach toys, towels, and snacks. 

Extra wide beach tires ensure a smooth ride across the soft sand, and the rear storage bar is the ideal storage space for up to three beach chairs. This sand wagon also folds flat for easily fitting in the car and neatly storing in the garage.

  • 3 wagons in 1 – two rider seating, hauling, & bench seating

  • Extra-wide beach tires for sand and linked steering provide a smooth ride on sand

  • Easy one hand fold, folds flat for easy storage

  • UV protection canopy and beach chair storage

  • 100% recycled wagon fabric

  • Suitable for kids ages 18 months and above


2. Best Customizable Beach Wagon: Build-A-Wagon®


The Radio Flyer Build-A-Wagon® line allows YOU to create your family’s best beach wagon. Start with a folding, plastic, or steel & wood base then add air tires to ensure smooth riding across the sand. 

From there, accessorize to build your perfect ride! Try the UV canopy and seat cushions make your wagon a cozy oasis when your little ones want some rest from the sun. The wagon storage bag is perfect for bringing along extra sand castle tools and on-the-go beach snacks. As a final touch, personalize your wagon cart with your family’s name to own your spot in the sand. It’s the ultimate beach mobile!


  • Choose from 3 wagon bases that offer air tires: folding, plastic, or steel & wood

  • Add air tires for smooth riding on the sand

  • Add a range of accessories including storage options and a UV protection canopy

  • Finish with personalization for the ultimate custom beach ride


3. Best Multi-Use Beach Wagon: All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon


The All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon is a great option for any off-road adventure, including a fun day at the beach! The real rubber air tires are perfect for cruising across wet or dry sand and the wood sides help fit all your beach gear—their height is ideal for beach chairs. The classic style of this kids’ beach wagon adds a touch of Americana charm so you can enjoy every adventure in style.


  • The Original Little Red Wagon body with wooden stake sides

  • All-steel frame with no scratch edges

  • Big wheels with air tires that can handle any terrain

  • Extra-long handle folds under

  • Controlled turning radius prevents tipping

  • Maximum weight capacity: 200 lbs.

  • For 1½+ Years


4. Best Extra-Capacity Beach Wagon: All-Terrain Cargo Wagon


A versatile classic, the All-Terrain Cargo Wagon delivers multiple hauling options. Use it as the perfect beach trolley for both little ones and all of your essentials or remove the sides for a flatbed hauling option. You can even choose to remove only one or two of the stakes for custom hauling, perhaps with beach chairs on one side of the wagon and smaller sand toys on the other side. This wagon is a versatile beach day solution!


  • Real air tires handle any terrain

  • Extra-large body for ultimate hauling capacity

  • Removable wooden sides

  • Classic look & versatile design

  • Extra-long handle folds under

  • No-pinch ball joint keeps fingers safe

  • Controlled turning radius prevents tipping

  • For 1½+ years


5. Best Big Air Tire Beach Wagon: Big Red Classic ATW


The Big Red Classic ATW offers the iconic Little Red Wagon look amped up with big, rugged features. The real rubber air tires easily roll over any terrain including wet and dry sand, making it the perfect beach cart. The deep sides make it great for hauling kids and/or plenty of beach supplies to your perfect spot in the sand.


  • All-steel seamless body with no-scratch edges

  • 50% deeper sides than the Classic Red Wagon

  • Extra large wheels with air tires that can handle any terrain

  • Classic styling

  • Extra-long handle folds under

  • Controlled turning radius prevents tipping

  • Maximum weight capacity: 200 lbs.

  • For 1½+ years


6. Best Toddler Beach Wagon: My 1st 2-in-1 Wagon®


My 1st 2-in-1 Wagon® is the perfect beach companion for your beginner walker. The lockable handle and stable 4-wheel base are designed to allow little ones to build confidence as they improve their balance. What better surface to practice walking on than soft sand! 

This light-weight toy is easy to carry in one hand while you tote beach supplies—or you little beach baby—in the other. Your child will love exploring the beach and watching the waves on their own two feet with the My 1st 2-in-1 Wagon® there to help them stay upright.


  • 2 wagons in 1: push walker with a locked handle & toy wagon

  • 4 wheel base for stability and balance with a controlled turning radius

  • Deep plastic body

  • Durable rolling wheels

  • Storage space for toys and essentials

  • Conscious manufacturing for a lower carbon footprint

  • For toddlers ages 1 to 4 years


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