Best Scooters for Kids & Toddlers

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Best Scooters for Kids & Toddlers

February 05, 2019

Scooters are a critical element of outdoor play. They help develop balance, promote exercise, and – most importantly – they are FUN! Even very young children can feel the rush of freedom in their hair when they scoot down the sidewalk. Between all the options, though, it can be hard to figure out which scooter is best for your child. How many wheels: 2, 3 or 4? What are the differences in steering? Do we need a helmet? (Easy answer to that last one: Yes!) When it comes to finding the right fit for your young kids, the right scooter choice can steer you toward years of fun.


How to Choose a Scooter for Kids


Choosing the right scooter is as simple as knowing your child’s age and general development level. Toddler scooters are great to start little ones learning balance and coordination, then big kids’ scooters further develop gross motor skills. Here are my favorite scooter options for the different ages and stages.


Types of Kids' Scooters


Toddler scooters are perfect for the littlest kids who need a new challenge for their fast developing balance and coordination.


When your 1-year-old sees a big kid scooter and immediately wants in, we suggest the Scoot 2 Scooter. It is the safest option for your young one with 4 wheels and a low, sturdy platform. It is also the most versatile since it starts as a ride-on toy then transforms into a scooter in a quick, tool-free flip. For ages 1-4, the sturdy frame allows beginners to safely build confidence and balance while riding.


If your toddler is a bit older and ready to really ride, the My 1st Scooter Sport is your best bet. For ages 2+, this is THE Best Beginner Scooter. This 3 wheel scooter for kids has an extra wide deck and limited turning radius to support your child as he or she learns to balance. We redesigned the typical toddler scooter structure by placing two wheels in front. This provides a clear kick path - many other three wheel toddler scooters put wheels in the exact spot kids need to place their foot while scooting.


After your child masters the toddler scooters, they need a faster set of wheels. This is the perfect time to introduce a Lean-to-Steer Scooter. These high-performance rides offer speed, challenge balance, and are small for easy storage. The flexible deck allows kids to steer by shifting their weight (similar to a skateboard). This motion is very intuitive, so kids quickly master the motion and fly down the sidewalk.


I love any product that has customizable features so I would recommend creating your child’s very own Build-a-Scooter. With over 250 combinations, you (or your child!) can choose between 5 colors and 2 cool graphic styles for the perfect look. Every version of the custom scooter has the Lean-to-Steer technology, a foot brake, adjustable handlebar and soft foam hand grips. You can also add accessories like light-up wheels, a bell, streamers and a custom graphic with your child’s name.


How can my child stay safe on a scooter?


No matter your child’s age, safety always comes first! Wearing a helmet protects little riders’ heads from potential bumps and falls. The Radio Flyer Helmet provides a cool way to stay safe while riding. It has an interior adjuster that creates a safe, comfortable fit for heads sizes 48-54 centimeters and ages 2-5 years. The helmet features a sleek, stylish look and an easy-to-use chin strap with safety buckle.


What are your favorite scooters for your kids and toddlers? Share your thoughts and images in the comments below!