Best Toys for Grandma's House

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Best Toys for Grandma's House

August 29, 2019
posted by Kate Fahrenbach

One of the best childhood memories our girls have from visiting their grandmother—Noona—was the toy closet. They loved knowing her collection of toys was always waiting for them after the 7-hour road trip to northeastern Ohio. They loved that these toys were different from what we had at home. The toy closet played a big role in their special memories of visits to Noona’s house. When I hear my daughters reminisce about the Lincoln logs and toy train, I am inspired to build a collection of special toys for my grandchildren. I have a blast hunting down and special ordering the very best toys. Here is my “hit-list” of Radio Flyer favorites perfect for any grandparent’s “toy closet.” 


1. Parked at Nana and Papa’s house, the Stroll n’ Trike® is a definite favorite. We love strolling around the neighborhood with the boys riding and driving. Although they are still little, they are really learning to pedal! We always make sure to load up our treasures in the rear basket before we leave with room to spare for any new treasures we may find while out and about.


2. The 3-in-1 EZ fold wagon® is great for trips to the park. With plenty of room for sand toys, snacks, and more, this wagon is the perfect mode of transportation. We especially love how it folds up for easy & compact storage.


3. Chestnut the Horse will be the next addition to our collection! “Baldy,” an old wooden horse, was one of the favorites of our girls from Noona’s house, and they spent hours playing with Baldy. We are excited to have Chestnut around for the boys and can’t wait to see how they will play and pretend with him.


What toys do you most remember from your childhood? Are there any favorites that “lived” at someone else’s house?