The Best Wheels for Rolling Through the Puddles

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The Best Wheels for Rolling Through the Puddles

March 06, 2019
posted by Chelsea Lavin

April showers bring…the perfect puddles for jumping and rolling your Radio Flyer vehicles right on through! As the weather gets warmer, we know your little ones are itching to get outside. We don’t think a few puddles should prevent anyone from heading outside for an adventure. In fact, we think it presents a perfect opportunity to get out and play with our all-terrain and off-road rides. The rubber air tires on these vehicles will keep you rolling through the puddles all year long!



1. Build-A-Wagon®

Our customizable Build-A-Wagon® comes with the option to add all-terrain tires ready for forest paths, sandy beaches or bumpy trails. The Modern Plastic Wagon, Iconic Steel & Wood Wagon and Timeless Wood Wagon all offer ready-for-anything all-terrain air tires. You have so many style options with these wagons, it’s hard to choose just one! An added bonus? You can add a personalized name plate for your little rider.



2. Build-A-Trike®

Sometimes 3 wheels are more fun than 4! You and your little one can adventure just as easily in a Build-A-Trike® with the all-terrain rubber air tires. Customize your family’s Build-a-Trike by choosing between over 1500+ combinations of accessories. Choose your storage capacity, safety features like the footrest, headrest and seat pad with seatbelt, and the wraparound tray with cupholder. This trike can be your stroller for the day or easily transform into a classic trike. Your little one will be ready for any adventure.



3. 3-in-1 Off-Road EZ Fold Wagon® with Canopy

For a versatile wagon that is ready for rain or shine, the 3-in-1 Off-Road EZ Fold Wagon® with Canopy has you and your family covered (pun intended). We love the cup holders, bench seating for taking a rest between puddle jumping, and the safety seatbelts for two riders. It also features a magnet to hold the handle upright when it’s not being used, so it doesn’t fall into muddy puddles when you’re not looking. The off-road real rubber tires are perfect for rolling over gravel, through puddles in the trail or even bumpy sidewalks. These tires are made for real adventure – wherever your wagon takes you! For those days when the sun is shining, the canopy will bock UV rays with a 50+ UPF rating. If you do take your wagon out in not-so-dry conditions, just be sure to wipe down the easy DuraClean™ fabric before storing it for your next adventure.



4. 3-in-1 Off-Road EZ Fold Camo Wagon

If you’re looking to add some stealth and style to your foldable wagon, we love the 3-in-1 Off-Road EZ Fold Camo Wagon! It also includes the easy to care for DuraClean™ fabric, off-road rubber air tires, 3 different riding capabilities and one hand easy fold, but our favorite part is the fun, fashion camo pattern. Your family will ride in style in this one of a kind wagon.


Don’t let the weather rain on your parade! Get out and play in an all-terrain ride and let your imagination take flight. And if you find yourself dancing in the puddles, be sure to share your memories with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with #radioflyer.