Build an Outdoor Adventure: Build-A-Trike!

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Build an Outdoor Adventure: Build-A-Trike!

February 19, 2013
posted by Melissa Enos

When I was a child, I used to love reading the Choose Your Own Adventure books; children today can even read them on iPads.  The thrill of the series was having options and deciding my own path.   As an adult, I love customizing and personalizing my own products.   Recently I designed my own M&M’s and created a few customized picture products for gifts.  

Who doesn't love having options?  We know our customers do. We received a positive response from families with our Build-A-Wagon™ experience, so we are expanding this month with Build-A-Trike™!

It’s hard to imagine that there are more than 1,500 possible tricycle combinations to create.  The options we offer are based both on our observations and what customers have told us.  For instance, we know moms love having fashion options, so there are six to choose from.  We observed families playing music from their iPhones when walking around the neighborhood, so we decided to add a speaker feature.

My favorite part is the personalized name plate.    If you choose this option, you can name your trike or put a family name on it.   It’s a great gift option for Spring walks and family outings. 

When I think back on my fond memories of reading Choose Your Own Adventure books, the Build-A-Trike experience is so similar, you get to be the hero in both, and be part of something that takes you on new adventures. I hope you recapture some of the fun from the Choose Your Own Adventure books of childhood as you build your own outdoor adventure for your children to enjoy, just in time for Spring!  You might even be inspired to pick up the book again, or download the app.

What outdoor adventures will you choose for your family this Spring?