Camp Radio Flyer: Campout Day

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Camp Radio Flyer: Campout Day

July 31, 2020
posted by Mindy Schanzle


Happy Friday Campers! Today may be the last day of Camp Radio Flyer, but we’re going ALL OUT with our final day of activities. Can you smell the marshmallows roasting? Do you see the cascading trees sprawling across the forest? Do you hear the symphony of chirping birds greeting you? That’s right, today we are going camping…right from home! With the help of our Camp Radio Flyer spirit and imagination, it’ll feel like we’re camping in a National Park.

Ready to go camping right in your own backyard? Your adorable handprint campfire will be the perfect centerpiece to your family’s campsite whether it’s in the yard or in the living room. Pack up your wagon with blankets, pillows, chairs, a tent – anything you have around the house that can help bring your campsite to life. Pack a picnic to switch up your lunch or dinnertime routine and enjoy it at your new hangout spot.

Let’s kick off Campout Day!


Handprint Campfire



  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Pen or pencil


  1. Trace handprints on construction paper using a pen or pencil. Create as many as you want depending on how big you want your fire to be!
  2. Cut out the handprints as well as two rectangular “logs.”
  3. Arrange the hand “flames” however you’d like. Once you’re happy with how they look, tape the back all over so that you can pick up the flames as one piece.
  4. Tape the two “logs” together to form an X.
  5. Place the hand “flames” on the logs and tape flames to the logs.
  6. Enjoy your toasty handprint campfire!



Create Your Own Campsite


Materials: any gear you want to use for your campsite! Some ideas include folding chairs, tent, blankets, pillows, cooler, s’mores, you handprint campfire, etc.

Directions: Have a campout right at home! Get your camping outfits on, pack the essentials, and load up your Radio Flyer wheels. You can even pack a picnic or games to play at your campsite. The whole family can work together to create the set up from pitching a tent in the yard to building a "tent" fort inside or simply pretend playing. Sit around your handprint campfire and tell stories or sing silly songs. Kids will have fun getting the campsite all set up and spending time hanging out in their new spot. Smores optional!


To close the day out, snap a photo of all your Campers cozied up at their at home campsite. Be sure to follow @radioflyerinc on Instagram and share pictures of your favorite Camp Radio Flyer memories from this week. You can still use #CampRadioFlyer to enter for your chance to win the Ultimate Summer Prize Pack!

Thank you for joining in the fun over the past 5 days! We loved having you and your little Campers along for the ride and hope Camp Radio Flyer filled your week with plenty of smiles, laughter, and quality family time.