Celebrating Snow: 4 Snow-Related Activities for Kids

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Celebrating Snow: 4 Snow-Related Activities for Kids

November 20, 2019
posted by Mindy Stumpf


Snow. To some, it’s a foreign concept seen only on the news or read about in story books. To others, it’s the all-too-familiar sign that winter is right around the corner. At Radio Flyer Headquarters in Chicago, the first snow of the season has already come and gone! Whether the sight of snow has you running outside to catch a flake on your tongue or sends you into hibernation-mode snuggled up indoors, there are plenty of fun ways to commemorate the change in weather with your little ones. Check out our list of 4 snow-related activities, perfect for introducing little ones to snow and making warm memories that will last well beyond the season!


1. Get Warm and Cozy

Hot cocoa makes everything better. Grab a cup and cuddle up by the fire (real or imaginary!) with a board game or your child’s favorite book. If you need some seasonal suggestions, we love The Mitten by Jan Brett, Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, and Winter is Here by Kevin Henkes. For parents that moan and groan at the thought of snow, be warned: these fun stories will have your child begging to get out and play!


2. Creative Crafts

When it’s just too cold for little ones to get outside or you live in a non-snowy climate, bring the winter wonderland indoors! Have your little ones help you decorate the house for the holiday season with these easy paper snowflakes. You can even make your own fake snow to play with inside. Encourage your child to make their best mini-snowman, snowballs, or any creation they can imagine.


3. Give Back

Gather items around the house to donate to a community shelter or charitable organization. Little ones can participate by pushing their Classic Walker Wagon alongside you and gathering items inside. Organizations are consistently seeking out gently used coats, gloves, scarves, and boots. The snow and cold affects everyone, so winter gear is always in high demand in order to help keep those who need these items warm and prepared for the weather. With Thanksgiving approaching, this is a perfect opportunity to teach toddlers lessons of gratitude and the importance of helping others.


4. Outdoor Adventures

What better way to celebrate the snow than getting outside and enjoying it! You can’t go wrong with classic snow fun like sledding or building a snowman. Savvy parents can enlist little helpers to assist with shoveling the driveway – make it a game by seeing who can create the biggest pile. A little snow is the perfect ingredient for imaginative neighborhood walks with an all-terrain wagon. Is your wagon a sleigh or a snow mobile? Will you and your little ones go to Antarctica or the North Pole? Get creative and enjoy the adventure!


What are some of your favorite memories in the snow? Does your child share your sentiment towards the wintry weather? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to share your snowy adventures with us on social media by using #RadioFlyer!