Classic Walker Wagon: The Perfect First Birthday Gift

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Classic Walker Wagon: The Perfect First Birthday Gift

May 29, 2018
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Looking for an unforgettable birthday present for a special one-year-old? We have you covered! Our Classic Walker Wagon is an ideal — never mind exciting — gift, one that’s extra-special given the milestones it helps to develop.


The Classic Walker Wagon is designed to help your little one take their first steps. With durable molded wheels and resistance push feature, it will help them develop standing, walking, pushing, and pulling! And, with a furniture-friendly front bumper, you can rest assured your valuables will remain in tip-top shape as your little one is on the move.


But what happens when they begin to roam and their imagination takes flight? The Classic Walker Wagon has removable wooden stake sides, which are perfect for hauling your little one’s cargo. They’ll enjoy taking their favorite stuffed animals and toys for a spin around the living room!


Gift your favorite one-year old with the perfect developmental tool. You can learn more about our Classic Walker Wagon here. Want to upgrade? Build them the ultimate gift with our custom Build-A-Gift Wagon. Start with the Classic Walker Wagon as the base, and add fun and interactive fillings such as a blanket, stuffed animal, and custom license plate!