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Amirra Condelee

Expert Play Panelist & Occupational Therapist

Dr. Amirra Condelee, OTD, OTR/L is a graduate from MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston, MA where she completed her Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree with a focus in pediatrics. She currently practices as a pediatric OT in Early Intervention working with the birth to three population. Amirra is the owner of and face behind the Marvelous Mirracles brand, a platform designed to help little miracles fulfill big dreams. As an OT, Amirra believes that play is one of a child’s most meaningful occupations and is thrilled to be joining the Play Panel team to share more about how to use play to work on all areas of child development. In her free time, Amirra enjoys cooking, reading, international and domestic travel, hiking with her husband and dogs, and spending time with family.



Our family is so fortunate to live in Arizona where we have dozens of national parks right in our backyard. We love hiking, spending time outdoors, and discovering new trails. There is always something to do outdoors in Arizona, so it’s perfect for us. Of course, we don’t do much hiking in the summertime...but the winters here are absolutely perfect!



I vividly remember water balloon fights, water gun fights, running through the lawn sprinklers, and of course splash pads in the backyard. Basically, anything involving running around outside with water was my absolute favorite kind of game and would keep my siblings and I occupied for hours on end.



The feeling of being loved, appreciated, and valued. Whether it’s by someone in my family, my dogs being excited when I walk in the door, or one of my sweet families I work with thanking me for an amazing therapy session - knowing I’ve made an impact, no matter how big or small, is enough to keep a smile on my face.



I believe that the best kind of play happens naturally and often unexpectedly. With children, I love to watch them pick up a simple object and watch as their imagination and creativity leads them into a new adventure. As an adult, I love games that challenge me but also appreciate those silly games that allow me to have a big ol’ belly laugh.



While I have several products I love, the Classic Red Tricycle is my absolute favorite because it takes me right back to my childhood. I remember feeling on top of the world, pedaling as fast as I could down the street or letting gravity roll me down the hill. I think I loved it so much because I got to be in control and I felt like the coolest kid in the neighborhood with my “race car”. Ah, those were the days.