Brittney Snow

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Brittney Snow

Radio Flyer Alumni

Brittney joined Radio Flyer in 2009 after graduating from Bradley University in Peoria, IL. She couldn't imagine being too far from Chicago because of her love for the skyline, the commotion of the EL and Garrett’s Popcorn. You can most likely find her making a checklist, listening to music, pinning or cooking dinner for her family.


Favorite Quote:

“Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts.” – Nikki Giovanni

Favorite Outdoor Activity:

BBQs! Whether at the beach or in someone’s backyard, the aroma of ribs, resonance of music and spectacle of smiles, have a special place my heart.

Favorite Outdoor Game As A Kid:

When I was young, I loved watching girls jump rope (double-dutch) on the playground before school; I stood in the crowd of spectators because I only knew how to jump with a single rope. One day, my mom tied two ropes to a tree and taught me how to jump. I’ve been double-dutchin’ ever since.


Favorite Activity to Do With Your Family:

Game night has always been a great time with my family. Our favorite game is Trouble. 


What Makes You Smile:

Almost anything! I try to start the day with a smile on my face.


Favorite Radio Flyer Product and why:

Model #68 Scoot 2 Pedal – It’s the perfect grow-with-me toy that allows the little kids to still roll with the big kids.


  • Manny The Frenchie stopped by to visit us!
  • 2015 Best Places to Work Award!