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Colleen Beck

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Colleen Beck is the owner and author of The OT Toolbox, LLC. Colleen began her occupational therapy career in 2000, working as a pediatric OT in a variety of settings including schools, home care, and early intervention. Her experience includes therapy across the lifespan, working in hand therapy, home care, and geriatrics. Colleen created her blog and online shop in 2011. Since then, the website has reached millions of therapists, parents, and teachers all over the world seeking activities, resources, and information to help children thrive. Colleen has authored The Sensory Lifestyle Handbook, The Impulse Control Journal, and co-authored several books, including The Handwriting Book, The Scissor Skills Book, and The Toilet Training Book, A Potty Training Resource, a Developmental Look at Toilet Training for Kids of All Needs. Colleen's business allows her occupational balance between her life as a mom of four and as an entrepreneur.


Favorite Family Activity:

I love to be outside with my family. Whether we are riding bikes together around the neighborhood, taking a walk in the woods, or checking out new parks and playgrounds, I love to spend time with my kids, just playing and exploring in nature! One of my absolute favorite things we do together is spend time at our weekend camp each summer. My kids and I love to wade in the river, skip rocks, and catch toads at our weekend camp each summer.


Favorite Outdoor Game as a Kid:

As a child, I LOVED to explore in the woods behind our house. My sisters and I would build forts in trees, make “houses” out of sticks and rocks, and play outside for the entire day!


What Makes You Smile?

I have four children and each one has a personality that is so different! I love to see their creativity at work, whether it’s through pictures they draw, games they come up with, or jokes they tell. Seeing those different personalities in action makes me smile.


Favorite Way to Play:

I love to create with my kids. We get out a big bin of art supplies, a few big pieces of paper, or some cardboard boxes. Then we make whatever comes to mind! I love seeing my kids’ creativity at work and the conversations that come up during crafting are priceless!


Favorite Radio Flyer Product and Why:

My favorite Radio Flyer product is definitely the All-Terrain Wagon! I had one of these as a kid and it brings back memories of taking the sides off the wagon and using it for all kinds of things. I love that the wagon can haul anything from outdoor toys and balls, to sticks for fort-making! The best thing about it, though, is that you can take the sides off and make a sensory play table on wheels. My sisters and I had a lot of fun with this wagon as a child, as you can see :)


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