Jessica Kogan

Blog Contributor

Jessica Kogan

Radio Flyer Intern Alumni

Jessica is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she received her B.S in advertising with a public relations concentration. She has worked in various marketing positions, ranging from entertainment marketing to business development for small start-ups. Radio Flyer attracted her from the beginning; she had a Little Red Wagon that she and her brothers used to play with way back when. After learning more and more about the company and the marketing department, she was determined to land a summer internship. She is so excited to be working at a company with such a great history and great people.

FAVORITE family activity:

Grilling! My family loves to have barbecues and spend time outside all summer long. We also love eating as much (if not more) than working the grill.

FAVORITE outdoor game as a kid:

I loved playing “Hot Lava” at the park with my friends when I was younger. We would swing from place to place on the jungle-gym seeing who could go the longest without touching the ground like it was hot lava that we couldn’t touch.


"If we couldn’t laugh, we’d all go insane." -- Jimmy Buffett

what makes you smile:

I love to cook; anything and everything. When I find a new recipe and it turns out delicious, I am so happy!

favorite radio flyer product and why:

My favorite would have to be the Classic Red Wagon because it brings back so many childhood memories of my older brother pushing me around our neighborhood when I was little. Life was so easy!