Matt Young

Blog Contributor

Matt Young

Advanced Concepts Director

Matt joined Radio Flyer in 2009 as a product development engineer.  In his role as Advanced Concepts Director, he spends his days developing exciting new product concepts and technologies to build Radio Flyer’s product portfolio.  Matt graduated with his BS is Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and his Master’s degree from the University of Michigan and enjoys taking in a Big Ten football or basketball game whenever he can.  Outside of work, Matt is a “weekend warrior” working on DIY projects around the house and making fun things for his kids to enjoy!


Favorite Family Activity: 

We love playing at the playground and going for walks around our neighborhood after dinner. 


Favorite Outdoor Game as a Kid:  

During the day, I loved playing Wiffleball.  At night, it was all about Flashlight Tag.


What Makes You Smile: 

My kids either say or do something unexpectedly hilarious almost daily.  That never fails to put a smile on my face.   


Favorite Radio Flyer Product and Why:  

Tesla Model S for Kids is my favorite Radio Flyer project.  I was very involved in the development and it’s just so much fun to drive!