Creating Sticky Holiday Traditions

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Creating Sticky Holiday Traditions

December 10, 2012
posted by Kim Lefko

As a working mom with a young family, I want to create traditions that will be memorable and passed down to the generations that follow. I’m surrounded at work with a brand full of stories, nostalgia, warm memories and many smiles. And I have been thinking, a little more around the holidays – what traditions STICK? And what makes them STICKY?

The more I reflected back on the holiday traditions I loved most in our family, they were the ones that weren’t forced. It wasn’t the annual hay ride we did twice (too forced), it wasn’t the Christmas poem I did three times. No, it was much simpler and natural. It was making sugar cookies with my grandma or sleeping in my sister’s bed on Christmas Eve. Now as I count down the days until Christmas, I realize that kids create the traditions based on what they love.

In our house, I despise the fake fluffy snow. But somehow for five consecutive years it’s adorned the top of a table creating a messy border around a quaint Christmas Snow Village our girls design. And the annual late night road trip around the neighborhood checking out decorations and lights while we sip hot chocolate and sing holiday tunes is a natural repeat event.  I know for some it’s collecting snow globes or other special decorations over the years.

I guess I share this as relief and something you can take off your list, especially if you are a busy parent trying to make everything perfect. Don’t worry about the perfect “Holiday Traditions;” it’s the small moments that naturally make their way into your celebrations because your KIDS make them happen.  These are the traditions that stick.  What are some of your favorite simple holiday traditions?